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Top Engineering Projects for ECE in Hyderabad


Pantech is Top Engineering projects for ECE in Hyderabad which helps to understand fundamentals through practical applications of theoretical concepts. It’s a source and effective student-oriented service provider for ECE projects and helps to overview real-time hands-on experience for students on equipment and core area software.

About Pantech

Pantech is a platform that provides students with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in Top Engineering projects for ECE. It emerges as a leading center for students in pursuit of professional excellence in the fields of ECE design by making use of technological advancements with a focus on human values and professional ethics.

What is ECE

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) involves researching, designing, developing, and testing electronic equipment used in various systems. It’s one of the fastest-growing fields of engineering as it involves the transmission of information across the channel.

List of Top Engineering Projects for ECE in Hyderabad

Gesture control Bluetooth speaker Arduino using ECE:

The system uses a Bluetooth module to allow phones to connect to the speaker for audio input. It allows for an AUX connection for audio input and a separate charging input connector for battery charging. The audio signal is entered by the amplifier IC to boost the signal without any data loss.

This method involves creating a functional prototype that is manually operated to convince users the product is fully automated.

It evaluates the effectiveness of the prototype based on the participant’s ability to complete all the tasks given with minimal errors. And, also evaluated the readability of the stationary manual and intuitiveness of the gestures.

Android micro drone with obstacle sensor:

The drone makes use of a remote regulator for flight control and a streaming camera that can be viewed on an android device. It encompasses an obstacle detection and altering feature to alert in case of an obstacle in the front. Its safeguards cover the propellers from damage.

Sensors detect the obstacle and send the signal to the microcontroller and it is processed by the controller of the output signal to the flight controller. The flight controller sends the signal to the ESCs which is connected to the motor so the drone will be saved from hitting any obstruction.

IoT Smart Parking Using RFID:

This system aims at the conventional parking system with an IoT-based by using RFID. The users will be provided an entry card for getting access to the parking slot with an android based mobile operation about the availability of the parking slot on mobile phones.

The microcontroller is used to operate the entire system in order to achieve the desired operation. The microcontroller reads the sensor values of parking slots and then transfers the information online over IoT. It is used to translate this information and map it over into a graphical format.

Instant Electric Circuit Breaker:

The project is designed to sense voltage drops using a position comparator in order to induce a load tripping output. These load tripping systems are based on the conception of measuring the voltage through an element in proportion to load current.

It provides both overload and short as the current line is monitored and it gets trips of overcurrent being flowing. It is faster response time as the characteristics only depend upon the time taken for the current passing through the conductive semiconductor junction to be zero.

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