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Top AI Projects for Students in India

Top AI Projects for Students in India


Top AI Projects for Students in India 1

Pantech is a Top AI Projects for Students in India which offers a broad introduction to the field and helps to maximize the eventuality as artificial intelligence. AI is demonstrated when a task performed by a person and study of requiring the power to find out the reason and brake problems can be done by a machine.


About Pantech

Pantech is a platform that helps to acquaint students with new tools and technologies while working on AI Projects. It’s an efficient and effective absorption in the world of AI with the goal of pursuing new opportunities in the field.

It helps to understand artificial intelligence in business and is suitable to incorporate these technologies into business strategy. This is designed to show the operation and application of AI within the global business world.


List of Top AI Projects for Students in India

Face Recognition System:

It’s a biometric software application that identifies or verifies a person’s identity by analyzing patterns based on the facial outline of the person. Face Recognition is an order of biometric software that maps an existent’s facial features and stores the data as a faceprint.

AI-based software can instantaneously search databases of faces and compare them to one or multiple faces that are detected in a scene. The systems are more superficially accurate and it’s easier to blunder under less-than-ideal conditions.


Multiple Object Recognition:

The device will be trained to identify test images in order to assess object characteristics. Simulated results show that the used network classifier has a low error rate during advanced classification accuracy.

It describes a system that can identify the presence and position of the desired object within an image. It’s a deep intermittent neural network train with reinforcement learning to attend to the most applicable regions of the input image.


Barcode and QR Code Recognition:

It’s an open-source computer vision and image processing. Using this library for processing each frame from a video captured by a device. This function takes an image, identifies the QR code and barcode from the image, and decodes the value of it. The system can enhance the recognition speed of two-dimensional code and accuracy.


Heart Disease Prediction:

The project is designed to give online medical discussion and guidance to patients suffering from heart conditions. It allows patients to get instant access to the services of certified medical professionals on matters related to heart conditions.

It’s effective in aiding in making opinions and predictions from the large volume of data produced by the healthcare industry. This presents a technique for the prediction of heart disease using major risk factors with help of different Classifying Algorithms.


Social Distance Monitoring System:

Social distancing aims to decrease in a population by minimizing contact between potentially infected and healthy individualities with high rates of transmission or low levels of transmission. It applies to images to establish a complete AI system for people tracking, social distancing classification, and body temperature monitoring.

This is enforced in a distributed surveillance video system to visualize people from several cameras in one centralized monitoring system.

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