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Top AI Based Projects in India

IMG 20211206 WA0000 2 Top AI Based Projects in India

Top AI Based Projects in India

Pantech is the top AI based projects which offers a broad introduction to the field of artificial intelligence. It helps to maximize an effective and effective immersion in the world of AI with the goal of pursuing new opportunities in the field. AI is demonstrated when a task is performed by a person and taking the power to solve problems can be done by a machine. It helps to understand of AI projects in business and are able to incorporate these technologies into business strategy.


About Pantech

Pantech is a platform which provides the essential concepts of with a strong emphasis on AI Systems for engineering students. It’ll explain the need for Artificial Intelligence and gather knowledge in this sphere covering varied concepts ranging to AI projects. It helps to developed more skills to put lower subjects into a bigger perspective with the aid of the big approach, which can help develop some new ideas on these lower subjects.


List of AI Based Projects

Stock Market Analysis: This aim is to produce software that analyzes former stock data of certain companies with the help of certain parameters that affect stock value. It implements the values in data mining algorithms and help to determine the values of particular stock in near future. Stock market includes daily activities like Sensex computation, exchange of shares and provides an effective and transparent market for trading in equity, debt instruments and derivations.


Product Review Analysis: It provides a platform to registered users to rate a particular or multiple products using this system. The system uses product review analysis in order to achieve desired functionality. Product review analysis is a web application which consist of multiple products added by admin to review rate. It takes reviews of various users based on particular opinion and specify whether posted product is good, bad, or worst.


Fault Classification: It’s to produce an intelligent model using image processing techniques in order to classify the internal fault which are low, intermediate, medium and high. The optimized model is estimated and validated through analysis of performance indicators constantly used in any classification model. It’s capture using infrared thermography camera in which the color image is store and reused using MATLAB.


AI HealthCare Chatbot System: Chatbots can communicate with text or voice interface and get reply through artificial intelligence. The programs built to automatically engage with received messages. These bots connect visiting site, help to discover specialists, book for an appointment and get access to the correct treatment. It helps to generate leads and automatically delivers the information of leads to sales.

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