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Top 25 Java Projects

Top 25 Java Projects

What is Java

Java is an object-oriented programming language that produces software for multiple platforms. Let’s observe the Top 25 Java Projects that are set of tools allowing for easy application development which is a general-purpose of programming language often used to develop programs for this platform.


Top 25 Java Projects

  1. Online Examination Portal
  2. College Students Career Counselling Expert System
  3. Online Crime Reporting System
  4. E Library Management System
  5. Pharmacy Management System
  6. Railway Ticket Reservation System
  7. Web Application for Institution
  8. College Management System
  9. Secure File Sharing System using Data Mining
  10. Secure Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups | Cloud Computing
  11. Deduplication for Hybrid Cloud Security
  12. Graphical Password Scheme using Information Security
  13. Multifarious Data Processor in Network Security
  14. Malware Detection in Android Application
  15. Four factor Authentication
  16. User-Level Runtime Security Auditing for the Cloud


    1. Online Examination Portal

    This enables educational institutes to conduct tests and have automated checking of answers based on the response by candidates. It allows admin to create own tests. It would enable educational institutes to perform tests, quiz and create feedback forms.


    1. College Students Career Counselling Expert System

    It is the process of different types of activities such as guiding students towards colleges and universities, providing full guidance in getting the information related to the college registration process. This counselling system gives great support through which can reduce the usage of counselling and guiding students towards the courses.


    1. Online Crime Reporting System

    The main purpose of developing the online crime reporting system is for the welfare and safety of the public. It will reconstruct the bridge between public and government officials respectively. So, if anyone want to file a complaint or misconduct, they can do it easily from their home.


    1. E Library Management System

    It is a software that developed to handle basic functions of a Library and provides a complete solution for the administration services to the public. These functions range from; tracking the assets, managing lending, through to supporting the daily work over. The systems are used in all libraries large and a small.


    1. Pharmacy Management System

    A pharmacy management system used in a pharmacy that helps to automate the workflow. It gives the pharmacy a competitive edge by providing better customer experience and attract patients with more personalized and engaging service.


    1. Railway Ticket Reservation System

    The railway ticket reservation system facilitates the passengers to enquiry about the train available on the basis of source and destination, booking and cancellation of tickets, etc. It is a computerized system of reserving the seats of train seats in advance and used for a long route.


    1. Web Application for Institution

    It gives the basic background, terminology and fundamental concepts that need to understand in order to build modern full stack web applications. A web developer of the software technologies involved in a web application including data modeling and database technologies.


    1. College Management System

    College management system enables higher education institutions & colleges to manage online admission, student enrollment, attendance, online fees, library books, etc. It is an end-to-end solution for colleges to improve operational efficiency & institutional to outcome by automating student-faculty and campus administration.


    1. Secure File Sharing System using Data Mining

    Secure file storing and retrieving mechanism to avoid the limitations in existing systems like file encryption, access rights and key management. It provides a user access management, encryption and decryption of files through trusted third party to make the data secured in the system.


    1. Secure Data Sharing for Dynamic Groups | Cloud Computing

    In cloud computing offers an abstraction of infinite storage space for clients to host data. It can help clients reduce their financial overhead of data managements by migrating the local managements system into cloud servers.


    1. Deduplication for Hybrid Cloud Security

    Data deduplication is one of important data compression techniques for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data and widely used in cloud storage to reduce the amount of storage space and save bandwidth. To protect the confidential data, the convergent encryption technique has been proposed to encrypt the data before outsourcing.


    1. Graphical Password Scheme using Information Security

    Graphical Systems are a potential replacement or supplement for conventional authentication systems. It offers greater resistance to capture attacks and other attacks against graphical authentication including intercepted communication and spyware.


    1. Multifarious Data Processor in Network Security

    Information hiding mechanisms can be applied to prevent the secret data from the intruder or malicious modification.  The Network Security is procedure of obtaining information secure with more integrity and confidentiality.


    1. Malware Detection in Android Application

    Security is an important aspect of the human existence in a world, with inadequate security as it becomes safety of the users. Malware detection techniques towards identifying gaps and provide the basis for improving and effective measure for unknown android malware. The results showed that it is a more promising approach with higher detection accuracy.


    1. Four factor Authentication

    Four factor systems are used in businesses and government agencies that require extremely high security. The higher levels of multifactor authentication make it increasingly unlikely that an attacker can steal all elements involved.


    1. User-Level Runtime Security Auditing for the Cloud

    A privacy-preserving mechanism that supports public auditing on data stored in the cloud. Its identity on each block of shared data is kept private from public to verifies data integrity without retrieving the entire file. It performs multiple auditing tasks simultaneously instead of verifying them one by one.

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