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Top 100 Electronics Projects

Top 100 Electronics Projects

What is Electronics

Electronics is a device that controls the flow of electrons. Top 100 Electronics Projects provides us with how we have the motion of electrons through a conductor that gives electric current and is produced with the help of batteries and generators. It uses active devices to control electron flow by amplification and rectification, which uses passive effects i.e. resistance, capacitance, and inductance to control current flow.


Top 100 Electronics Projects

  1. Automated Smoking Zone Monitoring & Alerting Project
  2. Emergency Auto Led Light
  3. Protecting Induction Motor from Phase & Temperature
  4. Advanced Wireless Power Transfer System
  5. Industry Process Automation Using Programmable Switching
  6. AC Power Controller with Programmable Interface
  7. Electronic Water Level Controller Device
  8. Plant Moisture Monitoring System
  9. Configurable Password Security System
  10. Footstep Power Generation System
    1. Automated Smoking Zone Monitoring & Alerting Project

    It is a fully automated smoking zone monitoring system to sound an alarm in case a smoker is detected in a smoking zone. The system uses a combination of smoke sensing with a timer IC circuit to ensure this purpose.


    1. Emergency Auto Led Light

    Emergency Auto Led Light is designed to turn ON when there is no adequate lighting or if the power supply is cut-off. The importance of light arises when it is used for good energy conversion of chargeable batteries for getting a long usage life of the light.


    1. Protecting Induction Motor from Phase & Temperature

    These motors are used in various industrial applications. It is protected from i.e. different mechanical and electrical faults for helping purposes. It is a protection system for induction motors from emerging faults for using embedded microcontrollers.


    1. Advanced Wireless Power Transfer System

    The wireless electricity transfer technologies, review the current industry situation and evaluate available solutions. The major objective includes i.e. design of the printed circuit boards (PCBs), assembly, testing, and development of original prototypes. It utilizes the coupling method in order to transfer electricity wirelessly.


    1. Industry Process Automation using Programmable Switching

    Programmable controllers used in industrial applications are very expensive for simple operations i.e. sequential switching of loads. It is enhanced by interfacing it with a GSM modem and where by sending an SMS to the control system to select mode and time remotely.


    1. AC Power Controller with Programmable Interface

    It is used to display full power and is the preferred percentage to decrease the power of the load. The input is provided to a microcontroller that initiates the firing angle to adjust load power. For matching the power, it is used in series with AC load. It is used to display the power percentage provided by the user.


    1. Electronic Water Level Controller Device

    An electronic water level controller can monitor the water level and switch the motor pump accordingly. This device has two level indicators that work in harmony with a power switching relay. It connects the water pump to the mains power supply. If the system indicates that the water level in the tank is low, then the system turns on the power supply for the water pump.


    1. Plant Moisture Monitoring System

    A sensor is used to detect the moisture level of the soil. It is used to give a visual alarm and also give the audio alarm to take care of the plant. Thus, with the help of a sensor, it helps and saves plants i.e. by maintaining the moisture level of the soil and keeping plants healthy.


    1. Configurable Password Security System

    It is a security system that allows only authorized to access with a password. The system has a feature of changing the password anytime by the user as required. It provides a user-friendly security system i.e. for organizations and homes.


    1. Footstep Power Generation System

    The system generates voltage using footstep force. It serves as a medium to generate electricity using non-conventional sources. These devices generate a voltage on every footstep and produce a sizeable amount of electricity.

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