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Top 10 Renewable Energy

Top 10 Renewable Energy

What is Renewable Energy

Renewable energy comes from sources or processes that are replenished by the list of Top 10 Renewable Energy we get the information about how It is a useful energy collected from renewable resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, including carbon neutral sources like sunlight, wind, rain, and geothermal heat. The sources of energy that are commonly used non-sustainable sources like coal.


Top 10 Renewable Energy

  1. Foot Step Power Generation
  2. Grid Interactive Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Driven Solar Water Pumping System
  3. A solar PV water pumping solution using a three-level cascaded inverter connected induction motor drive
  4. DC to DC Converter for Renewable Energy
  5. Self-Charging Solar Powered Drone
  6. Rotating Solar Panel Using Arduino
  7. Solar Outdoor Air Purifier & Air Quality Monitor
  8. Wind & Solar Mobile Charging Station
  9. Floating Sun Tracker Hydraulic Solar Panel
  10. Irrigation System running on Solar Power


    1. Foot Step Power Generation

    The system generates voltage using footstep force and serves as a medium to generate electricity using non-conventional sources. These devices generate a voltage on every footstep and produce a sizeable amount of electricity. It uses electric sensors that use piezoelectric effect in order to measure acceleration, force by its conversion into electric signals. The sensors are placed in such an arrangement to generate maximum output voltage. The circuit is a microcontroller-based monitoring circuit that allows user to monitor the voltage and charges a connected battery by it.


    1. Grid Interactive Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Driven Solar Water Pumping System

    The grid integration enables the consumer an uninterrupted operation of water pump irrespective of solar insolation level. It is utilized to generate switching pulses to control the bidirectional power flow between the solar PV system and utility grid through the common dc link. A sensor is use to drive the PMSM to the water pump. The boost converter is use for extracting optimum power from solar PV array under variable insolation. 


    1. A solar PV water pumping solution using a three-level cascaded inverter connected induction motor drive

    It presents a single-stage solution for PV fed three-phase induction motor water pumping system. The system is operate using the control strategy which includes Maximum Power Point Tracking and Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM). It is use to operate the cascaded inverter and generates three-level output voltage under all environmental conditions. 


    1. DC to DC Converter for Renewable Energy

    The system in which various sources of renewable energies are connect to each other in a parallel structure which use of specialize converters at the input voltages of a few tens of volts, and giving out several hundred of volts. The DC-DC converters with magnetic coupling will be analyze more particularly to show the technological limits. The DC/DC converter has the advantages of simple configuration, fewer components, lower cost and high efficiency.


    1. Self-Charging Solar Powered Drone

    It develops a solution to these problems using solar power to constantly charge the drone to increase its time as well as the ability to land the drone anywhere. This will lead to improved flight time as well as automatic battery charging of drones in inaccessible areas so that it can take off from the same spot-on charging. Drones do provide a good view for surveillance monitoring but have a huge drawback. The drone body is integrate with solar panels for high efficiency charging during idle time as well as during flight time for improved flight times.


    1. Rotating Solar Panel Using Arduino

    The Rotating Solar Panel using Arduino aims at charging a Battery with the help of Solar Panel mounted which can rotate with the help of a motor. This motor is getting control by microcontroller mount on an Arduino Uno Board which is in turn mount on the PCB. One of these resources, the solar energy is the most abundant and easy to harness resource through Solar panels. Thus, it makes this process of harnessing solar energy more efficient and smarter.


    1. Solar Outdoor Air Purifier & Air Quality Monitor

    Solar air purifier consists of a heavy-duty suction fan that pulls air from the bottom of the purifier through a layer of carbon filters for elimination of pollutants as well as gases. The system includes an air quality sensor and display the current air quality. 


    1. Wind & Solar Mobile Charging Station

    The solar and wind energy-based charging mechanism to generate the power for charging the battery packs of electric vehicles (EVs). The renewable charging station consists of both the solar photovoltaic modules and a wind generator. The results show renewable charging mechanism is suitable for EV and thus create pollution free environment. The combination of these 2 filters leads to dual filtration using a centrifugal air force to suck large amount of air and purify it of dust particles. The panel is use to supply electricity to battery which in turn powers the motor to run the suction fan.


    1. Floating Sun Tracker Hydraulic Solar Panel

    The system makes use of a solar sensing circuitry with a micro hydraulic power system. It is use to drive the fluid movement from one cylinder to another. This increased efficiency of solar panel incurring a negligible power usage required to adjust solar panel movement. It is an innovative sun tracker and panel movement system using hydraulic mechanism to move the solar panels as per sun position and generate more power. 


    1. Irrigation System running on Solar Power

    The system is an automatic irrigation system where the irrigation pump is operate from solar energy. It becomes tedious to manually operate the irrigation system and keep monitoring the water level of the soil. Hence the system uses solar power by using photo-voltaic cells instead of commercial electricity. The sensors send the data to microcontroller which is interface to relay driver IC that initiates relay to operate pump motor to switch ON/OFF and the status of the pump is display on a screen.

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