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Top 10 Raspberry Pi Based Projects online in Chennai

Raspberry Pi Based Projects

Raspberry Pi is a technology that has made a lot of impact since its introduction to the public. It is a dynamic microcontroller which is capable of doing anything a computer can. The price and the wide support community also increase the range of applications this board supports. It is a good way for people of all ages to understand about programming and computing. Raspberry Pi Based Projects will introduce students to the main ideas of the Raspberry pi.  Also the projects help you to build some Real time applications.

Why Raspberry Pi Based Projects are Important?

The Raspberry Pi is a perfect learning tool. Because it is low cost to make, easy to replace and needs only a keyboard and a Television to run. These same pros also make it a suitable product to start computing in this developing world. In a real-time work environment theoretical knowledge alone won’t be of help. However, as a new comer, one needs to be focus on the basics and need to learn how things work. Raspberry Pi Based Projects are the best method to understand the concepts.

Where can you find the best Projects?

Pantech eLearning, an Online Learning Service provider in Chennai, is offering latest Raspberry Pi projects for you. We have the most modern tools and professionals with experience to guide you.

Given below is the list of Top 10 Raspberry Pi Based Projects we are providing:

  1. Smart ATM Security

In this system, not only the valid card holder is allowed and also only by the knowledge of account holder any one can enter into the ATM by using account holders ATM card. If any unauthorized person is inserted ATM card, their picture with one OTP will be sent to account holders mail.

  1. Eyeball Movement Based Wheel Chair Control

In this method camera is focused on the eye by using OpenCV. We need to find out the centroid of the eyeball. By tacking the eyeball movement, we can move the wheel chair accordingly.

  1. Fire Fighting Robot

The robot detects the presence of fire then it moves towards that particular direction and also it pours water or turns on extinguisher automatically.

  1. Road Sign Recognition

The system recognize speed limit signs, stop signs and also warning signs such as pedestrian crossing, railroad crossing etc. along with Raspberry pi.

  1. White Light Detection Based Adaptive Lighting

The main aim is to control the brightness of the headlight and to properly illuminate the path. So that we can easily find if there are any pedestrians in the way of a curved path.

  1. Smart Blind Stick

In this project, the Pre-trained model is using. Its accuracy is more than 90%. It can also be customize to recognize other objects using Transfer learning.

  1. Smart Trolley Based on Color Tracking

This trolley can help humans move things and create a sense of comfort and also efficiency while doing the activities.

  1. Digital Door Lock With Mail Alert

The goal of this paper is to design and implement a home security system by integrating smart phone and also home network service in the absence of residents.

  1. Drowsiness Detection while Driving

The main objective of this project is safety and security with autonomous region based automatic car system.

  1. Health Monitoring System

The real-time medical data collecting using wearable medical sensors are transmit to a diagnostic center.

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