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Top 10 OpenCV Projects in Chennai for Students

Top 10 OpenCV Projects in Chennai for Students

OpenCV Projects

Computer vision is an area of study which allows computers to identify the visual world humans can see. It’s a division of AI which retrieves information from digital images or videos. It then processes the images to define its attributes. Open-Source Computer Vision Library, also known as OpenCV, is a library for machine learning. It is using to develop computer vision applications. With the field of computer vision gaining popularity, OpenCV Projects starts to become popular among students.

Why Open Computer Vision Projects are Important?

OpenCV is the large open-source library for the computer vision, ML, and image processing. Also it plays an important role in real-time operation which is very crucial in today’s systems. We can process images and videos by using Open Computer Vision. Thus we can identify objects, recognize faces, or even handwriting of a person.

One of the main advantages of Open Computer Vision is that it is highly optimized. Also it is available on various platforms. OpenCV is totally free of cost. Since the Open Computer Vision library is written in C/C++, so it is quit fast. Now it can use along with Python. It needs less RAM for usage.  Generally it is of 60-70 MB in size. Computer Vision is portable because OpenCV can run on any device. OpenCV Projects plays important role in real time computer vision.

Where can you find best OpenCV Projects?

Pantech eLearning is a Chennai based Online Learning Service provider. We are offering projects on OpenCV. These Projects introduces you to the amazing world of Computer Vision and also its fascinating applications.

Given below are the Top 10 OpenCV Projects:

  1. Eyeball Movement Based Wheel Chair

In this method camera focuses on the eye by using OpenCV. We need to find out the centroid of the eyeball. By tacking the eyeball movement, we can move the wheel chair accordingly.

  1. License Plate Recognition

This paper presents license plate recognition system using connected component analysis and also template matching model for accurate identification.

  1. Face Counting Application

This is done by pre-processing the face image at first and then extracting the face features. Then the detection of human faces is done using Haar.

  1. Object Recognition

The project presents object characteristics analysis using image processing techniques for automated vision system used at agricultural field.

  1. Human Action Recognition

The objective of this project is to recognise and also annotate the human action in an unconstrained environment, where the images contain a huge range of variability.

  1. Social Distance Monitoring System

We introduce the Social Distancing (VSD) problem, defined as the automatic estimation of the inter-personal distance from an image.

  1. Exam Malpractice Detection

The paper proposes a workflow for the automatic detection of anomalous behaviour in an examination hall, towards the automated proctoring of tests in classes.

  1. Hand Gesture Recognition

The intention of this project is to discuss a novel approach of hand gesture recognition depends on detection of some shape base features.

  1. Currency Detection

This paper proposes an image processing technique to extract paper currency denomination.

  1. Food Calories Detection

This paper proposes a method of ingredient-based food calorie estimation using nutrition knowledge and also information.

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