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Top 10 Online Embedded Projects in Chennai

Embedded Projects

Embedded systems can define as a combination of computer hardware and software. They are designed for a specific function. It can also function within a larger system. Embedded system engineers are generally considered a crucial resource. Doing Embedded Projects will help you to understand this core technology and its wide variety of practical applications.

Why Embedded Projects are Important for Students?

Many of the students these days show a lot of interest to do the embedded projects, especially in their final year. The main reason behind this is, there are a lot of opportunities for embedded system engineering in the upcoming future.

Embedded systems are used in a large number of electronic devices. Their design consists of both software and also hardware techniques. The item using an embedded technique has its software preloaded. They control many devices in common use. They consume low power, are of a little size and their cost is low per unit.

Where can you find the best Projects?

Pantech eLearning Chennai is an Online Learning Service provider. We are providing some latest projects on Embedded Systems. These projects will help you to learn the techniques and also skills necessary to build a successful career in this technology.

Given below is the list of Top 10 Embedded Projects:

  1. Automatic Ambulance Rescue System

This system is controlling the traffic signals and the ambulance would be able to cross all the traffic junctions without waiting. The ambulance is also radio-controlled to the hospital by the server through the shortest route.

  1. Smart Helmet

In this system, there are two sensors for checking if the rider wears a helmet and to check if he is drunken or not. It mainly aims at the prevention, detection, and also reporting of accidents.

  1. Vehicle To Vehicle Communication

The paper aims in using Wi-Fi technology and enabling the communication of vehicles with the traffic light system in order to prioritize the vehicles.

  1. Smart ATM Security

In this proposed system, not only the valid cardholder is allowed and also only by the knowledge of the account holder anyone can enter into the ATM by using account holders ATM card. If any unauthorized person inserts an ATM card, their picture with one OTP will send to account holders’ mail.

  1. Baggage tracking and handling by RFID

A system that can trace bags depends on a unique identity given by an RFID system.

  1. Smart Energy Meter

Environmental sensors embedded with ZigBee router modules distribute to different locations to collect the environmental data.

  1. Fire Fighting Robot

The robot detects the presence of fire then it moves towards that particular direction and also it pours water or turns on the extinguisher automatically.

  1. BCI Based Password Validation

This project works under EEG waves to detect eye blink and to process voting via eye blink. It is more secure that it doesn’t show the password on the screen. This project also suggests a new way of password authentication for paralyzed people.

  1. Smart Blind Stick

In this project, the Pre-trained model is used. Its accuracy is more than 90%. It can also be customized to recognize other objects using Transfer learning.

  1. Dual Axis Solar Tracking System

The biggest benefit of a solar tracking system is that it offers a boost in electricity production. Generally, a solar panel system with a single-axis solar tracker sees a performance gain of 25 to 35 percent. A dual-axis tracker bumps performance up by another five to 10 percent.

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