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Top 10 Online AI Projects in Chennai for Students

AI Projects

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can make a system process faster, better, and more precise. AI can make improvements in the working process of many industries and applications. Also they help in building new solutions to problems that are tough to deal manually. In fact only learning theory is not enough to shine in this field. Therefore doing AI Projects will help research fellows and students in their research and studies in AI base systems.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or simply AI can be defining as complex software that can perform tasks similar to human brains. This will be done mainly using computer systems. AI programming focuses on three important skills: learning, reasoning and also self-correction.

The motive of AI Projects is to deliver technical and also practical information about the implementation of the different technologies. You will get hands-on experience with the projects. You can try new stuffs and also learn how everything works. If you want to understand the real-life applications of Artificial Intelligence, then projects are the best way to do so.

It is Crucial to find AI Projects that suits you the best

Pantech eLearning is an Online Learning Service provider in Chennai. We are providing various AI Projects for students and also research fellows. Our Projects introduces you to the amazing world of Artificial intelligence and its fascinating applications.

Given below are the Top 10 Artificial intelligence Projects we are providing:

  1. Social Distance Monitoring System

We introduce the Social Distancing (VSD) problem, defined as the automatic estimation of the inter-personal distance from an image.

  1. Logo Detection using Deep Learning

In this paper, we propose to use the state-of-the-art Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for detecting signatures and also logos from scanned documents.

  1. Fetal Brain Detection and Classification

The goal is classifying the fetal brain and also detecting the abnormalities. In this paper we present a computational tool for detection by convolution neural network (CNN). A CNN passes an image through the network layers and finally outputs a final class.

  1. Smart Traffic Light Control System based on vehicle count

In this system we are going to implement crowd based traffic control light system using CNN. Lane will be getting open on the basis of crowd at the desired lane. It is identifying by capturing the vehicle crowd images in the lane and also identifying the number of vehicles with red color in that desired lane.

  1. Object Recognition using Kinect Sensor

The project presents object characteristics analysis using image processing techniques for automated vision system used at agricultural field.

  1. Food Calories Detection using Deep Learning

This paper proposes a method of ingredient-based food calorie estimation using nutrition knowledge and information.

  1. Optical Character Recognition

The proposed model has low complexity and less time consuming in terms of optical character segmentation and character recognition. This can improve the system performance and make the system more efficient by taking relevant samples.

  1. Brain Tumor Detection With Image Fusion

A technique is presented to distinguish between benign and malignant tumor. Our method integrates the image fusion, features extraction, and also classification methods.

  1. Currency Detection Technique

This paper propose an image processing technique to extract paper currency denomination

  1. Face Emotion Recognition

The overall objective is to develop an automated Face Emotions system comprising of a desktop application working in conjunction with a mobile application.

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