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Top 10 Matlab Projects online in Chennai for Students

Matlab Projects

MATLAB is a programming language develops specially for engineers and scientists. It is the short form of the term “Matrix Laboratory”. It is a fourth generation programming language. Matrix Laboratory is a highly performing language commonly using for technical computing. It merges computation, visuals, and also programs in an easy-to-use environment. If you want to be successful in this technology, you surely need to test your skills. The best way to do so is through working on Matlab Projects.

What are the Benefits?

Matlab is one of the finest technologies available in the market today. Its main usage is for mathematical operations perform on matrices and linear algebra. It also provides good support for fast and better designing and testing of algorithms.

In simple words, it is an advance and cleverer version of a calculator that can be run on your PC or mobile device. One can develop Matlab Projects to perform operations by making use of the command line interface as well as a text editor. It can also use for writing programs and functions that perform continual tasks.

Where can you find the best Matlab Projects?

Pantech eLearning is an Online Learning platform in Chennai. We are offering various Matlab Projects for Students. With our proper explanation and guidance, students get good understanding of Matlab and can also implement them effectively.

Given below is the list of Top 10 Matlab Projects:

  1. Human Action Recognition using Neural Networks

The objective of this project is to recognise and also annotate the human action in an unconstrained environment, where the images contain a huge range of variability.

  1. Speech Emotion Recognition using Deep Learning

The project presents speech emotion recognition from speech signal base on features analysis and also NN-classifier.

  1. Brain Tumor Detection With Image Fusion

A technique is presented to distinguish between benign and malignant tumor. Our method integrates the image fusion, features extraction, and also classification methods.

  1. ECG Signal Classification

To identify and to classify the heart abnormalities in an ECG signal. Based on the peak amplitude values, can perform the classification operation.

  1. Fetal Brain Detection and Classification

The goal is classifying the fetal brain and also detecting the abnormalities. In this paper we present a computational tool for detection by convolution neural network (CNN). A CNN passes an image through the network layers and finally outputs a final class.

  1. DNA Fragmentation Pattern Recognition

In this paper, we solve the problem by use of the probability method and also metric instead of traditional frequency metric.

  1. Image Forgery Detection

The most essential goal of this paper is to present numerous element of photograph forgery detection.

  1. Pedestrian Detection using Matlab

In this concept an efficient Pedestrian classification system is introduced to detect the multiple roadsides walking pedestrian in real-time. Also, the processing of serial frame changes and classification of the pedestrian over other moving objects.

  1. Fake Biometric Detection using DWT Technique

This paper presents fusion of three biometric traits, i.e., iris, face and also fingerprint, at matching score level architecture using weighted sum of score technique.

  1. Aircraft Recognition In Satellite Images

In this paper by using neural network the oil spill regions has been extracted in radar image.

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