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Top 10 Best Arduino Projects Online in Chennai

Best Arduino Projects

Arduino is a famous open-source development board use by engineers to build electronic projects and models in an easy way. The increase in its fame is causing a lot of people to work with technology themselves.  It has been a very good selection for students building their first projects. Choosing some Best Arduino Projects will also help researchers and students in their research and studies in Arduino base systems.

Why Arduino is important?

With the Arduino, one can easily build working models of their products and make their ideas come to life. It is not like most previous electronic circuit boards. Also, Arduino does not require a separate set of hardware. You can use a simple USB cable to load new code onto the board.

Additionally, the Arduino Integrate Development Environment uses a simple version of C++. This makes it easy to learn and program. Also, it gives a standard form factor that breaks out the functions of the micro-controller into a more accessible package. The Uno is one of the most famous boards in the Arduino family. It is a good choice for beginners to select some best Arduino Projects.

Where can you find the Best Arduino Projects?

Pantech eLearning Chennai is an Online Learning Service provider. We are offering some of best Arduino Projects in the market. Given below is the list of Top 10 Arduino based projects we are providing:

  1. Smart Helmet

In this system, there are two sensors for checking if the rider wears helmet and to check if he is drunken or not. It mainly aims in the prevention, detection and also reporting of accidents.

  1. Energy Meter using Arduino

Environmental sensors embedded with ZigBee router modules are distributed to different locations to collect the environmental data.

  1. Wet and Dry Waste Segregation

Solid waste and electronic waste materials can be segregate to automatically those are obtained from each house in cities and also towns.

  1. BCI Based Password Validation

This project works under EEG waves to detect eye blink and to process voting via eye blink. It is more secure that it doesn’t show the password on the screen. This project also suggests the new way of password authentication for paralyzed people.

  1. Eyeball Movement Based Wheel Chair

In this method camera is focused on the eye by using OpenCV. We need to find out the centroid of the eyeball. By tacking the eyeball movement, we can move the wheel chair accordingly.

  1. Automatic Ambulance Rescue System

This system is controlling the traffic signals and the ambulance would be able to cross all the traffic junctions without waiting. The ambulance is also radio-controlled to the hospital by the server through the shortest route.

  1. Baggage tracking and handling by RFID in Airport

A system that can trace bags depends on a unique identity given by a RFID system.

  1. Blind People Navigation System

This projects aims to design and also implement a deep learning based vision assistant module for the visually impaired.

  1. Smart band for Monitoring Health

This paper proposes a wearable sensor node that enables the implementation of an autonomous biomedical monitoring system.

  1. Dual Axis Solar Tracking System

The biggest benefit of a solar tracking system is that it offers a boost in electricity production. Generally, a solar panel system with a single-axis solar tracker sees a performance gain of 25 to 35 percent. A dual-axis tracker bumps performance up by another five to 10 percent.

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