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Student’s Projects in Electronics Engineering

Student's Projects in Electronics Engineering


Student’s Projects in Electronics Engineering

Pantech eLearning is one of the best training centers for Engineering enhance Student’s Projects in Electronics Engineering. It not only  is into electronic systems but also, they’re into other projects like embedded systems, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Android and so on.

They provide projects in all these categories and students who are interest in electronics are segment of which Pantech is providing in electronic projects. It helps to make students skills and designed to emerge technologies.


Categories for Electronics Projects

The top most demanding projects in the engineering field are electronics. In day-to- day life without electricity cannot survive and it has come like a part of human’s life. So, learning the basic concepts of electronics is very essential as well as beneficial. There are different concepts in electronics which deals with different circuits.

The list of electronics projects for engineering students are very helpful. Here, are the few categories of electronics projects:


Password based Circuit Breaker:

This password-based circuit breaker is erect using regulator and is use to switch off the power force to the line by entering a password. It helps in controlling the electrical lines with the help of a password. There is a substantial increase in the number of fatal accidents involving due to electric shocks resulting from the lack of coordination between maintenance staff and the electric substation staff. This system provides a solution to this problem, to ensure there are no such incidents that endanger the life. 


Traffic Signal System using Microcontroller:

In this system using IR detectors to measure the traffic density. It arranges one IR detector for each road; these detectors sense the traffic on that particular road. Based on these detectors, regulator detects the traffic and controls the traffic system. The systems are widely used to control and to monitor the transport system. They are mainly use to maintain a smooth traffic system on the busiest roads of the city. The microcontroller is used to assign timing to the traffic lights on the different lanes based on traffic density. The microprocessor is programed in such a way that when it receives a logic low signal from a lane the microcontroller gives green signal to that particular lane.


Motion Sensor Circuit:

The motion sensor isn’t only use as intruder alarm but also used in numerous operations like home automation system, energy efficiency system, etc. It will detect the motion of the people or objects and give the appropriate output according to the circuit. It is an electrical device that utilizes a sensor to detect nearby motion. Such a device is often integrate as a component of a system that automatically performs a task or alerts a user of motion in an area.


Smart Energy Meter using GSM:

This helps to make to track energy operation and send it via SMS periodically. The data acquire during monitoring will help to take necessary way for saving the energy. Smart energy meter system using GSM technology which can send updates about the energy consumption for a particular interval of time. The system is implement using a GSM shield module on microcontroller together with LDR sensor and relay. It is to connect an LDR sensor with the blinking LED and send the data to microcontroller via GSM shield.


Automatic Solar Tracker:

Solar Trackers are devices which will automatically acquaint in the direction of high intensity sunlight to effectively harness maximum solar power. With the implementation the additional energy generated with very less consumption by the system. An improvement in the design of the existing solar energy collector system has been implement in order to provide higher efficiency at lower cost. Solar tracking system is the most appropriate technology to enhance the efficiency of the solar cells by tracking the sun. 


Dual Axis Solar Tracking System with Weather Sensor:

It’s design and enforce using dual axis solar tracking system in order to maximize energy from sun. A dual-axis tracker can increase energy by tracking sun rays from switching solar panel in various directions. It is design and implemented using simple dual axis solar tracker system. In order to maximize energy generation from sun, it is necessary to introduce solar tracking systems into solar power systems.


IOT Based Heart Defect Monitoring System Using ECG:

An ECG signal can trace various abnormal conditions of the heart. This heart monitoring system helps to inform the person has any heart conditions or not and this is done by checking the heart beat level. The system is use to scan ECG signal and search for pattern in common range. The following result is sent as an alert communication on IOT. 


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