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How to select a good final year project topic?

If you are a college student and are wondering how to select a good final year project topic, this article is for you. You will find information on the best fields of study, what kind of project makes the most sense for your resume, and how to structure your time so you have enough time to complete your thesis.

Tip 1: Analyse the current trends: It is evident that the final year project will be done using a variety of techniques and tools to achieve assigned goals. There are many trends which are taken into consideration while creating this type of projects. We have discussed some of the prominent trends by analyzing those who have already completed their projects on the subject.

Tip 2: Focus your final year project on any social issue: Now that you have finish your final year project, it is time to think about what you are going to find for an issue. The topic could be about social issues, political issues, environmental issues and any issue will do. The main point is that the issue should be important to the world of electric cars, so that you can make a contribution to the modern technology.

Tip 3: Check the feasibility of your final year project: This is one of the most important things you can do when you are working on your final year project. It will save you a lot of time, stress and money. You should spend a lot of time thinking about this aspect before you start working on your project.

Tip 4: Research about the final year projects done by your seniors: The final year projects are the most difficult, creative and critical task undertaken by all students in their final years of their graduation. Each student has to do research about his or her seniors for one of the institutes of their choice. This research has to be done within the scope of this institute.

Tip 5: Refer the research journals published by scholars: Research journals are a valuable source of information for scholars and students. In fact, they are one of the best ways to keep up with advancements in your field of study, as well as gain an inside look at how other researchers approach their research projects. Furthermore, many of the journals offer special benefits for members who pay a fee in exchange for reading them prior to publication.

Tip 6: Get expert’s assistance whenever possible: The best way to ensure everything goes smooth and as planned is to get the expert’s assistance whenever possible. You don’t want to miss out on what could be a rare opportunity, so don’t let this chance slip through your fingers.

So whenever possible, get the right kind of assistance from these mentors as they can provide you a solution very quickly and guide properly whenever you face a problem.

Tip 7: Work with organizations like Skyfi Labs & build great final year projects: The final year projects of this class were very different and unique. They were an opportunity for me to work with many organizations who want to expand their capabilities in different ways. I learned that while they are small they can be effective when working together and enhancing each other’s growth strategies.

For instance, the project-based courses provided by Skyfi Labs can help you build real-time projects while learning all the technical concepts involved. With the video tutorials available online 24×7 and kits shipped to you in 24 Hours, you are sure to have a great learning experience while building your final year project. You will also get 1-1 expert assistance as and when needed to complete your final year project on time.

Check all final year projects offered

Keeping all the above tips on mind, if you can select your innovative final year project topic, you are sure to complete it on time and get 100% output. Remember, your final year project offers more credibility to your profile than just grades.

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If you are a student or a recent graduate, then you might be wondering how to prepare for your final year projects. You will find here our listing of online courses that help you in your final year projects.


1. Robotics Online Courses

2. IoT Final Online Courses

3. Wireless Communication Online Courses

4. Mechatronics Online Courses

5. Electrical Online Courses

6. Electronics Online Courses

7. Civil Online Courses

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11. Automation Online Courses

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14. Raspberry Pi Online Courses

15. Python Online Courses

How can you build good final-year project?

 Many students do not know how to approach their final-year projects. This can be a problem because it is really important for them to work on something that will give them prime exposure in the industry. In this section, I’ll walk you through some of the things that you should consider while working on your final-year project and make sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Keeping this in mind Skyfi Labs have launched Online project based courses which provide an excellent platform for the Engineering aspirants to build cool engineering projects as a team or as an individual at their own pace and time, which can be done as a final year main project-a part of their curriculum. With our Subject Matter Expert Engineer assigned as an online tutor, it gives a unique opportunity for the engineers to innovate and redefine their final year project under the guidance of the expert. These engineering projects are researched and developed by our engineer team to help students to learn and build final year projects using latest technologies and experience multidisciplinary projects.

Skyfi Labs Project Based Courses run using an innovative Learn-Do-Review methodology, which helps a student to understand theoritical concepts and apply them practically by building innovative engineering projects. This methodology ensures learning as you complete building your engineering projects. With this learning, you will not just be able to complete your final year project but also be able to answer all your viva questions/ interview questions with confidence. The Skyfi Labs certificate with unique number shows the world that you have learnt while doing the project and helps you stand apart from lakhs of other student projects. To select a project and pay online(Click here)

Skyfi Labs Project Based Courses also allow you to work in a team to build your final year engineering projects. This will help you improve your teamwork in addition to helping you split the cost of the project and make it more affordable. Just select the number of members in your team while signing up and all the team members will get access to the course and certificates with unique IDs upon completion.

FAQs on Final Year Projects for Engineering Students:

Why are final year projects important for Engineering students?

Final year projects are an integral part of being a student in the Engineering course. This is because it allows a student to learn how to work with the different types of resources available, apply their knowledge and skills, understand the requirements of each project and create unique solutions to meet it’s requirements.

Final year projects act as a beacon of guidance for engineering students to decide their career path.

Do final-year projects help students land the best jobs?

Final Year projects are a good way to develop a portfolio for job interviews. These projects can comprise of mini or senior projects too or any project of your choice. They help you add more weight to your resume. This is also one way of preparing your self for the job you’re applying of.

Are kits provided for all the courses here?

Yes, there are kits provided for all the courses present at Skyfi Labs. These are only for those courses that require you to develop or create your own robot or project from scratch.

Are programming and coding really difficult?

No, they are not. All it requires is a little dedication and practice to catch up on the concepts and theories. Programming and coding are hard disciplines. They require a lot of hard work and dedication for people to learn how it works. However, there are several ways to make the work easier, especially for beginners.

Can anyone take up these courses?

Yes, anyone and everyone can take up this course. Although, candidates with some experience in coding and programming would benefit from the course. Otherwise, these programs are designed along the lines of training anyone from basics to advanced in a practical hands-on manner.

Can I access the course materials after I am done with the course?

Yes — you can access the materials. You will be given a unique link to access

your files after the course is complete.

Why should I take up these courses at Skyfi Labs?

We at Skyfi Labs dont believe in just churning out paper engineers. We believe in putting out more skilled and talented engineers into the world. We believe in getting students prepared for the future. Skyfi Lab is an initiative by an IIT Kanpur alumni. We embarked on a journey to make education fun, accessible and interesting. We have a presence in over 67 countries and we have trained about 400,000+ students and counting.

Our goal is to bring science and technology to everyone, to make education accessible, and to make more students fall in love with STEM concepts rather than getting scared of them.

Here’s why you should choose Skyfi Labs:

        • We ship fully equipped kits to your doorstep within 48 hours or less.

        • You will receive Smart Certificates that can be verified by anyone from anywhere in the world.

        • 100% Online classes that come with lifetime access.

    If these were’nt enough schedule a demo now to know what’s in store!

Should I return the kits once I’m done with the course?

No, you dont have to. These kits are yours to keep and you need not return them. In the event of a course upgradation, you will only have to pay for the extra course materials and the fe

What you’ll receive?


Your kit, tested and shipped in 24 hours


Learn & build your final year project anywhere, anytime


Showcase your practical skills to the world


Clear your doubts in dedicated 1-1 sessions


What you’ll build?


Impress your interviewers, teachers, and friends


Not a ‘paper engineer’. Be a real, practical engineer


Projects portfolio. Not bunch of certificates.


Grab the best jobs & higher studies opportunities

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