Programming Languages

    Python Complete Course ₹1,200.00₹800.00

    Complete Python Programming

    If you wish to learn the best python certification course online you may check out Pantech Solutions. It offers courses from beginner to advance level.

    ADV Python ₹1,200.00₹800.00

    Advance Python Programming

      Description About the Program This Python Masterclass is a comprehensive session covering the fundamentals to Advanced Level Expertise in

    Complete Java programming ₹1,200.00₹800.00

    Complete Java programming

    JAVA Programming has been in the Limelight since Long. It is the widely used Programming Language since Python . The

    python full stack ₹1,200.00₹800.00

    Python Full Stack

    If you are a Python programmer and want to become a full-stack Python developer this is right platform to learn

    React App Development ₹1,200.00₹800.00

    ReactJS programming

    ReactJS is a front-end JavaScript library for building User Interfaces based on components. This course will help you learn the

    java full stack ₹1,200.00₹800.00

    Java Full stack Development

    If you are a java programmer and want to become a full-stack java developer this is right platform to learn

    Complete Matlab programming ₹1,200.00₹800.00

    Complete Matlab programming

    Image Processing using MATLAB is a complete program with records sessions , Presentations and Code which helps the learners to

    AngularJS Advanced ₹1,200.00₹800.00

    AngularJS Advanced

    AngularJS is a discontinued free and open-source JavaScript-based web framework for developing single-page applications. AngularJS features like data binding and

    JavaScript for Beginners ₹1,200.00₹800.00

    JavaScript for Beginners

    It is a scripting language which allows us to implement some dynamic features on web pages that cannot be done ₹1,200.00₹800.00

    MySql for beginner

    SQL is a domain – specific language used in programming and designed for managing data held in RDBMS system .

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