Coal Mine Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi and MQTT

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Coal Mine Monitoring System

Coal Mine Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi and MQTT – Now a day’s due to global warming and climate changes there are challenging situations in the coal mines. To reduce the cost as well as to improve productivity along with product quality automation in the field of a coal mine is necessary, which will also reduce the mineworker’s efforts. This project proposes a design of an IoT system with MQTT protocol, with the help of a Raspberry pi controller which is able to monitor the temperature, humidity, gas, and status of smoke in an underground mine. This system utilizes low power, cost-effective Raspberry pi, a temperature sensor LM35, humidity sensor SYSH220, smoke detector, gas sensor for sensing the mine climate parameters, and Wi-Fi for remote logging of data at a central location to control the climate state. Every sensor value gets reported through the MQTT protocol at every certain interval of time. If there is any sudden increase in any of those sensor values along with the data log, ten seconds of video have been captured and sent to the server’s mail.


Traditional coal mine monitoring systems tend to be wired network systems, which play an important role in coal mine safe production. With continuous enlarging of exploiting areas and extension of depth in the coal mine, many laneways become blind areas, wherein there are lots of hidden dangers. Moreover, it is inconvenient to lay cables which are expensive and consume time. In order to solve the problems, we will design a coal mine safety monitoring system based on IoT, which can improve the level of monitoring production safety and reduce accidents in the coal mines. Also with the help of the MQTT protocol, we can able to get those parameter values quickly without any loss of data


In the Existing System, Coal mine safety systems are using wired communication. It is expensive and makes it difficult to use wires in mines. Even measuring all parameters, it may crash if any disaster happens.


  • IoT Technology-based communication
  • The Internet of Things is regarded as the third wave of information technology after the Internet and mobile communication network, which is characterized by more thorough sense, measure, and intelligence.
  • In this system, sensors are detecting the parameters every time, when there is any sudden change in any of the parameters it gets reported via IoT with MQTT.
  • MQTT protocol performs data synchronization whenever a connection has been made between server and client. It has a common node, where data have been stored every time, even when the client is not in the network, It synchronizes the data at any time when the receiver gets connected to the MQTT.
  • If there is any sudden change in the parameter, then the video is taken for some minutes and loaded to the MQTT, when the server came in the connection that video is synchronized to the server.


Coal Mine Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi and MQTT
Coal Mine Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi and MQTT


Coal Mine Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi and MQTT 2
Coal Mine Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi and MQTT 2



n this proposed system, the four sensors as the input to the raspberry pi. These four sensors are being connected to the raspberry pi when there will be a change in the mine of any gases are temperature. The sensor will be detected then the camera will capture the photo the message will be sent it our phone by the IoT process used in the raspberry pi. The sensor detection also is monitored. The photo which is captured will be sent it our email address for our requirements. This coal mine will be also controlled through the mobile to change the temperature and also to reduce the unwanted gas in the mine by the concept of IoT in the raspberry pi system.


Coal Mine Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi and
Coal Mine Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi and


  • Raspberry? pi?
  • Sd? card
  • Monitor
  • Temperature?Sensor
  • LDR
  • Gas?Sensor
  • Humidity?Sensor
  • Camera


  • Program: Python?
  • Platform: Python 3 IDLE
  • Raspberry pi os: Raspian os?
  • Library: OpenCV
  • MQTT?Protocol
  • PHP


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