Wide Band Slotted Circular Ring Patch Antenna Design


Wide Band Slotted Circular Ring Patch Antenna Design


In this paper, the analysis has been carried out for a semi-circular ring patch antenna is presented for wideband applications is presented. The semi-circular ring patch (semi-CRP) antenna is fed by asymmetric coplanar strip (ACS) feeding. The simulation of the proposed antenna has been considered the maximum return loss of -46.53dB at 7.3GHz with the wide impedance bandwidth of 58.24%. Semi-concentric rings help the input impedance matching and half-circle patch attached to rings improve the gain. The radiation patterns and 3dB axial bandwidth are presented in the results. The proposed antenna operates at wideband applications used in satellite downlink frequency with circular polarization. 


A circularly polarized (CP) antenna has more attention than linearly polarization (LP) antennas. CP has numerous applications in GPS, RFID, WLAN, and Wi-MAX. A CP antenna gives better performance than LP antennas because avoids the mismatch of impedance, polarization, multipath loss, etc. The monopole antenna has a lot of advantages low profile, simple structure, low cost, ease of implementation, and broadband operating bandwidths. To achieve wide bandwidth in broadband applications coplanar waveguide (CPW) fed is used. CPW line senses the spectrum from 2.58GHz to 14GHz easily enhance large bandwidth. CPW has low dispersion, simple realization due to etching on one side, and is easily reconfigurable. From ACS (Asymmetric coplanar strip) fed monopole antennas are perfectly used for communication applications because of wide bandwidth. The proposed antenna has semi-circular rings attached to the monopole, which extends resonating frequency and the space between the rings affects the impedance performance. The input impedance depends on the width of rings and also improves the performance of ACS. Semi-circular rings are used to improve bandwidth. To enhance gain in used different techniques like arrays, EBG, FSS, and short metallic patches are used. So half-circle patch is added to semi-concentric rings. However, to enhance wide bandwidth in etches on the ground plane with stubs and slots. The ACS feeding will achieve wideband width. The comparison is reported to achieve more impedance bandwidth in satellite applications with ACS feed.


  • In this existing system proposed antenna is shown It consists of a  = 0.02,δpatch on one side of a dielectric substrate (εr = 4.4, tan h = 6.4 mm), which has a ground plane on the other side. Wideband, Wider azimuth planes, circularly polarized antenna, Omnidirectional antenna. The CP and radiation characteristics of the antenna are analyzed. By introducing the curved branches at both the edges αof the patch and ground plane and making an angle of between them, the omnidirectional CP fields in the wider ) planes can be obtained. Simulated and°– 130° = 50θazimuth ( measured results confirmed the design.


  • Approximate frequencies 
  • It has a low profile 


In this paper, a simple radiating structure of circular rings structure with feed forms small ground implemented on Fr4epoxy substrate. It achieves a maximum return loss of -46.53dB at 7.3GHz operating frequency and a Bandwidth of 58.24%, from 5.4GHz to 9.7GHz which is used in satellite applications.


  • Circularly Polarized Antenna With Wide Axial Ratio Beamwidth
  • Various frequency bands and showing good return loss and radiation


  • WLAN Application
    • Wireless and telematic 
  • Satellite Application


Wide Band Slotted Circular Ring Patch Antenna Design 1
Wide Band Slotted Circular Ring Patch Antenna Design


  • ANSYS HFSS v14


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