VR Robot Using Raspberry Pi


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Virtual Reality? ROBOT – OBJECTIVE

The main objective of this system is to provide a technology-oriented, low-cost, virtual telepresence robot for mining


This paper presents a brief discussion of the requirements for user interfaces for the teleoperation of mining vehicles and systems. Current commercial interfaces are relatively simple, evolving from line-of-sight remote control systems with the addition of video displays. This level of sophistication has nonetheless allowed teleoperation to be a viable and profitable technique. Exploration and Mining research into interface design currently concentrates on the fusion of non-visual feedback to the operator and efficient presentation of such information. The purpose of the user interface is to satisfy the major client requirements for mining systems of robustness, reliability, and ease of use by site operational and support personnel.?

Here we implement this using a rover that is controlled using raspberry pi. Raspberry pi is a credit card size computer so we can use any type of language for programming. This project uses Python and PHP, python is used for controlling robots and video capturing PHP is used for a webpage that will stream video and for controlling interface.????


In the field of Mobile Robotics applications dedicated to inspection or intervention in hostile, unreachable, or unstructured environments, human operators are “processed” in the control loop developed for a Telepresence System. On the one hand, dynamic situations suffer from a lack of automation degree by mobile robots, but on the other hand, a complete task robotization can run counter to economic or human constraints. In mine clearance activity, for instance, mobile robots and especially teleoperated semi-legged robots can be seen as a solution, not to replace the mine clearance specialists but as a safe tool for human operators in some well-defined situations. Different investigations are possible when dealing with legged robots and dedicated tasks.?


  • Remote control robot
  • Wireless module based controlling?
  • Static monitoring system?
  • No video feedback?


  • Line of sight communication?
  • Not possible to get any video
  • Not mobile
  • Very costly?


        • Virtual reality-based rover control?
        • Localhost webpage based robot controlling and video feed
        • Sensor-based mine air and environment quality monitoring
        • Raspberry pi based system
        • Mobile wireless rover?


        • The control range is very wide?
        • The control range can be extended?
        • A person can see and control the rover from anywhere in the mine
        • Easy to control
        • All contents used are open source


        VR ROBOT
        VR ROBOT


        • Raspberry pi connects the whole system and it acts as the heart of this system
        • Mobile rover is connected with raspberry pi for movement of the robot
        • Servo motor is connected with raspberry pi for moving camera
        • The camera is used as a robots eye which we can see through VR glass


        • Raspberry Pi?
        • Camera
        • DC motor
        • Servo motor
        • VR glass
        • Smartphone


        • Programming platform: Python IDE
        • Programming language: Python
        • Raspbian Stretch OS


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