Vision based Wifi Control Robot control Raspberry Pi and OpenCV




Vision-based Wifi Control Robot control Raspberry Pi and OpenCV – The motion of the robot controlling via camera is one of the easy means as it requires the user to access the designated directions to guide it. This system can be used in defense applications for detecting landmines in war fields and for bomb detections by mounting a metal detector sensor on it. Further, the size of the device can be miniaturized based on specific applications.


For making aware of the new environment one should go there and analyze what is happening, but life is precious so robots are used instead. The main theme of this paper is to develop a Raspberry Pi-based robot that can be controlled remotely via the internet. The robot has been primarily built over Raspberry Pi which controls data transmission between the server and the robot and controls the motion of the motors via motor controller L293D. The robot direction is controlled by using a Wi-Fi module through a webpage over the internet. The camera in the robot can be used to visually control the robot’s directions even from far places as well as to get the live video feed over the webpage.


IoT-based robot plays an important role in any area where people can?t reach easily. The rapid growth of industry and advancement of technology has resulted in a reduction of human efforts, the main reason for which is robots. In this project, we use the internet to establish communication between the user and a robotic vehicle. This is a reliable connection and a continuous video vehicle. Due to the use of the internet, there is no limitation on the range or distance between the user and the robotic vehicle. Robots have found an increasing demand in a wide range of applications in our life. Their use in defense has increased by the day. In today?s world, robots find use in various places is it to detonate buried bombs or in industrial applications, or even robotic components used in children?s toys. The complexity of computer software depends on how difficult the robot?s tasks are. In Wi-Fi Robot for Video Monitoring & Surveillance System, the proposed robot motion will be controlled with PWM techniques using a Microcontroller and Bidirectional DC Bridge for Motor Driving. It is proposed to address the low cost, efficient, high-speed processing & control hardware for the self-navigating robotics application.


In the existing system, the robot has to control remotely where the person has to monitor the area using remote but manually controlling and the more Human more is required to implement this system.


  • The remote control is not practical in most cases since each button is for a particular function
  • The range of control is very low?
  • In a controlled robot the controlling range is always limited and it depends on signal strength?
  • Line follower robot uses IR sensors these are highly sensitive to sunlight?
  • The remote control uses IR or RF for communication this makes the controlling range lower
  • Cannot be used in many applications


The first part is the construction of the robotic vehicle. With the help of inbuilt Wi-Fi and network settings, an internet connection is established between the robotic vehicle and the user. Then robot captures the images using a webcam and stores them in the memory. The next task is to capture and send live video feeds using the internet at a rate sufficient to make them seem like live videos to the human eye. The next task is to capture and send live images using the internet at a rate sufficient to make them seem like a live video to the human eye. This was initially implemented using LAN before moving to the internet. The desired result was achieved by sending compressed low-resolution images so that transmission would not be affected in case high upload speeds were not available. Then the program was made more dynamic by varying the resolution of the video to be transmitted depending on the upload speed available at that particular time. Like for example in the case of the availability of good upload speeds, the high-resolution video will be sent and vice versa in case of low upload speeds.


  • Users can easily control the robot by just moving their hand?
  • The system is very efficient and fast?
  • Here the system is fully controlled by the user and minimum human assistance?
  • Need to be guided by the user to move from one place to another?



Vision based Wifi Control Robot control Raspberry Pi and OpenCV
Vision-based Wifi Control Robot



Vision based Wifi Control Robot control Raspberry Pi and OpenCV 1
Vision-based Wifi Control Robot



In this proposed system, we have to make a robot by Raspberry pi through which the web page and the Raspberry pi board connect to the power supply. By using a USB camera module connected to raspberry pi and it shows the live streaming data in the system through the internet. It can give only online live streaming depending upon that we can navigate the motion of the robot. In our project we have used a camera for the image processing of the data through the web page, we will have the live streaming data and we can control the robot on the webpage. From the webpage, we control the direction of the robot and the position of the camera as well as monitor the live data stream.


  • Raspberry Pi
  • DC Motor?
  • Motor driver
  • Camera?


  • Program: Python?
  • Platform: Python 3 IDLE
  • Raspberry pi os: Raspian os?
  • Library: OpenCV


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