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Features of V-I Characteristics of IGBT

  • Digital Voltmeter and Ammeters are provided to measure the voltage and current.
  • All terminals of IGBT are terminated with proper color of banana connectors.
  • Separate Triggering pulse is provided for device.
  • Inbuilt Resistive load
  • Input voltage and triggering pulse voltage can be varied from 0-30V dc.
  • One potentiometer is provided to vary the anode and collector current.
  • Detailed Mimic diagram is drowned for easy understanding purpose.


  • VI Characteristic study of IGBT

Technical Specification

  • Kit Working voltage :(220-240)VAC
  • Anode Voltage :0-30VDC
  • Gate Voltage :0-30VDC
  • Output Voltage :0-30VDC
  • Output Current :1 Amps

Bundle Contents

  • VI characteristic of IGBT Study Module
  • Patch cards
  • 6A power supply card
  • 3A Fuse (Extra)
  • Manual

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