Three Phase Full Converter

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Features of Three Phase Full Converter

  • Inbuilt power supply for firing angle generator.
  • One potentiometer is used to vary the Firing angle.
  • TCA785 based inbuilt Firing Scheme. No Need of separate firing module.
  • Six SCR are placed as per the circuit diagram.
  • Snubber circuit is provided to all devices.
  • Power ON indication Switch for separate input to power circuit and triggering module.
  • All the important points are terminated with banana connector for monitor, measure and study of signals.
  • AC supply to the converter circuit is provided with fuse and MCB protection.
  • Fully enclosed with metal powder coated cabinet.


  • Three Phase half controlled bridge converter with R-load.
  • Three Phase Fully controlled bridge converter with R- load.

Technical Specification

  • Input Voltage (0-415) VAC
  • Output Voltage 500 V DC
  • Current rating 3A

Bundle Contents

  • Three Phase half/full rectifier module
  • Patch cards
  • User Manual of Kit
  • 3A Fuse



  • Power :0.25HP
  • Voltage :180 V
  • Current :1.2 A
  • Speed :3000 rpm


  • Input 3 phase 415 V
  • Output 3 phase (110, 110, 110 with respect to Neutral), 220 with respect to line to line.

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