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This Three Phase Full Converter Module has Controller, 3phase Full Converter (with Driver Module), ZCD Unit, Protection Unit, MCB for Input 3Phase Supply, Current Sensing Unit (I/P AC), PMDC Motor and Speed Sensing Unit.
Here PMDC Motor can be controlled by varying the Firing Angle of SCR (speed). PWM Technique used in this is Firing Angle Control with reference to ZCD.
External Various PWM Techniques can be implemented from various External Controllers like DSPIC, DSP, FPGA, ARDUINO, RASPERRYPI, PIC, 8051, etc…


  • DSO can be used to analyze the pulse and waveforms.
  • External Various PWM techniques Can be applied from Various Controllers.
  • OVLD or SC Reset and Fused Protection for the Main Power Circuit with Visibility and Sound indication.
  • Isolated Load Current Waveform termination.
  • Controlling action Display Unit with Controlling Keys.


  • Microchip based dsPIC30F4011 16 Bit digital signal controller operating at 33nS, On chip-motor control peripherals 6 motor control PWM with programmable dead band, quadrature encoder interface.
  • 4 no. of switches are provided to control the motor speed by varying the Firing Angle.
  • 1 No. of LCD provided to display the controlling action.


  • 48K Flash program Memory
  • 2 K RAM for data memory
  • 1K EEPROM memory

Additional features

DSPIC30F4011 Controller all peripherals can be learned and get trained (e.g.: Capture, ADC, Interrupt, LCD, PWM, SPI, CAN, UART, etc.…)


3Phase Full Converter

  • 6 No`s of SCR TYN612 with Heatsink forms the 3Phase Full Converter Circuit.
  • Rating of device is 600V / 12Amps @ 100°C.

ZCD Unit

  • This unit provides the reference of the input 3Phase Sine Wave as the Square Wave to the Controller to Generate the pulses correspondingly.

Driver Unit

  • 6 No’s of Pulses are Amplified and Isolated using Pulse Transformer and provided to the main Power Circuit for Switching Thyristor.

Protection Unit

  • 3 No of Hall Effect Current Sensor is used to measure the Input current Waveform and for Protection Unit.
  • 1 No of LED and Buzzer is used to indicate Trip status of OVLD or SC Protection enabled.
  • 1 no. of OVLD or SC Release switch provided to reset the TRIP function.

Test Points Unit

  • 6+1 No’s of test points provided for Controller Pulse.
  • 12 No’s of test points provided for Isolated Driver unit Pulse waveform analysis.
  • 3 No’s of test points provided for Isolated Input Current waveform analysis.
  • 3 No’s of test points provided for ZCD (Zero Crossing Detector) Unit to analyze waveforms.

External Input/Output Unit

  • Here External Input Pulses from Controller is fed.
  • Data’s (ZCD, Speed Sensor) required to generate the Pulses to drive this unit is given as output for the controller.

Box Fabrication Unit

  • All are mounted in attractive powder coated cabinet with sticker on front panel with mimic diagram about Main Power Circuit.


  • Study on DSPIC30F4011 Controller all peripherals.
  • PWM Generation.
  • Study on 3Phase Full Converter.
  • Lamp Load control by using 3Phase Full Converter Topology.
  • Study on Controlling of PMDC Motor Control using 3Phase Full Converter Topology.

POWER Required

  • 3Phase AC :               415V/5A/50Hz
  • AC Adaptor :               9V AC/50Hz


  • POWER :               1 HP (0.75 KW)
  • Current :               4A
  • Voltage :              180V DC
  • Speed :               1400 rpm
  • Speed sensor with cable connector


  • DSPIC30F4011 Development Board
  • 3Phase Full Converter POWER MODULE
  • PMDC Motor
  • 3Phase Lamp Load
  • Patch Cords, 3Pin Power Cords
  • FRC Cable, 9VAC Adaptor
  • RS232 cable
  • User Manual, Working Video
  • MPLAB Software Support
  • MATLAB Simulink Model File
  • Three Phase Isolation Transformer
  • 3A Fuse (Extra)

Equipment’s Need to Function this Trainer Kit

  • Three Phase Auto Transformer (Star 0-230V)/5A
  • DSO is Preferred for Waveform Analysis
  • Multimeter
  • Safety Equipment’s

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