Three Phase Cascaded Multilevel Inverter

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Three Phase 3 Level Inverter Drive


  • Consists of 12 Nos, 1200V, 50A. IGBT with proper heat sink and snubber circuit
  • 12 Nos high speed opto-isolator provided for IGBT PWM inverter.
  • 12 Nos IGBT gate driver IC provided for IGBT gate driving.
  • 10 Nos isolated +15v dc @ 0.5A capacity provided for control circuit diode bridge rectifier with capacitor provided for input AC-DC.
  • FRC connector provided for IGBT PWM input.
  • MCB protection for input power ON/OFF & protection.
  • One no of restart switch and LED provided for protection circuit indication & reset the unit.
  • One no of analog DC voltmeter provided for DC voltage measurement.
    One no Power ON/OFF switch provided.
  • All are mounted on a nice cabinet with stickered front panel.
  • Test points provided for all parts of power circuit

DSP TMS320F2812 Development Board


  • On Board XDS100 USB Emulator.
  • Device: TMS320F2812
  • ROM Memory Up to 128K x 16 ROM.
  • 150 MHz (6.67-ns Cycle Time).
  • 1K x 16 Each SARAM.
  • 25MHz on board crystal.
  • 12-Bit ADC, 16 Channels.
  • On board RS-232 connector with line driver.
  • SCIA or SCIB can configure single UART.
  • 8 Digital Inputs (Push Switch).
  • 4 Digital Inputs (Slide Switch).
  • 4 Analog Inputs (Trimpot).
  • 16×2 Numeric LCD.
  • 1 Buzzer.
  • 1 Relay.
  • 12 bit SPI DAC.
  • 3 Nos AC and DC Current Measurement Provision with signal conditioning system
  • 3 Nos AC and DC Voltage Measurement Provision with signal conditioning system

Power Supply and Load Specifications:

Power Supply

  • Input Volt                   230V, 1Ph, 50Hz
  • Output Volt                50V
  • Output Current          2A
  • Type                          Fixed Voltage

3Ph AC Induction Motor

  • 1HP, 3Ph, 50Hz, 1460RPM Induction Motor

List of Experiments

  • Single Phase MLI               13 Levels(Maximum)
  • Three Phase MLI                5Levels
  • 3 PWM Techniques for single phase and three phase

List of Equipments

  • 3 Phase 3 Level Inverter Drive          :1 Nos
  • Digital Controller                                :1 Nos
  • Power Supply                                     :1 Nos

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