Text Extraction and Recognition using Matlab

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Text Extraction and Recognition using Matlab

This paper presents a Text Extraction and detection method, and to improve overall system performance and reliability, proposes some detection algorithms? The project presents license plate recognition system using connected component analysis and template matching model for accurate identification. Automatic Text recognition is the extraction from an image. The system model uses already captured images for this recognition process… After character recognition, an identified group of characters will be compared with database number plates for authentication.?

The proposed model has low complexity and less time consuming in terms of number? text segmentation and character recognition. This can improve the system performance and make the system more efficient by taking relevant samples. at the same time compared their advantages and disadvantages, which provide the basis for text recognition.

At present, under the conditions of the socialist market economy, personnel, material and financial flow dramatically, therefore, the frequency of criminal, economic crime and emergent events has increased significantly in contrast with those in the planned economy period. The occurrence characteristics of these cases include that they involve a wide range and high frequency, moreover, the mobility of the criminals is high and their means become more modem Nowadays all over digitization technology is used.

Text Recognition usually abbreviated to OCR, involves a computer system designed to translate images of typewritten text (usually captured by a scanner) into machine editable text or to translate pictures of characters into a standard encoding scheme representing them. OCR began as a field of research in artificial intelligence and computational vision[26].

Text Recognition used in official task in which the large data have to type like post offices, banks, colleges etc., in real life applications where we want to collect some information from text written image. People wish to scan in a document and have the text of that document available in a .txt or .docx format..

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