Soldier Position Tracking and Health Monitoring System using Node MCU


Soldier Position Tracking and Health Monitoring System using Node MCU


             Soldier and provide health monitoring, army base station and need the wireless base station to sense health-related parameters of soldiers and an IoT transmission. Upon losing on the battlefield it is necessary for the base station to guide the soldier. The base station can access the current status of the soldier which is displayed on the Personal Computer. This information will be transmitted to the control room through the Internet of Things. The proposed system comprises tiny wearable physiological devices, sensors, and transmission modules. Hence, with the use of the proposed system, it is possible to implement a low-cost mechanism to protect valuable human life on the battlefield. 


The overview of this system is to design a soldier position tracking and health monitoring system that enables the implementation of an autonomous biomedical monitoring system 


These emerging advanced technologies are firmly adopted by defense services to provide some safety systems to our soldiers. There are many parameters by which defense services can provide safety to the soldiers. The nation’s security is monitored and kept by the army, navy, and air force. The important and vital role is of soldiers who sacrifice their life for their country. There are many concerns regarding the safety of the soldier. Soldiers entering the enemy lines often lose their lives due to lack of connectivity, it is very vital for the army base station to know the location as well as the health status of all soldiers. So many soldiers were lost on war fields as there was no proper health backup and connectivity between the soldiers on the war fields and the officials at the army base stations.


In the existing system, 

  • By using wireless communication only. 
  • Transmits the health reports also


The proposed system not only performs the task of health monitoring but also does the tracking of soldiers using GPS. The control room can acquire the details about the soldiers The base station can access the current status of the soldier using GPS. This information will be stored in the Cloud and can be extracted on the PC of the control room, as and when extracted. Based on this information, the authorities can initiate immediate action by deploying a medical, rescue team, or any backup force for their help. Using various biomedical sensors, the health parameters of a soldier is observed along with its surrounding environment condition observed


  • A wide range of communication is available (IoT)
  • Easy connectivity between modules 
  • Accuracy of output is increased
  • Easy to implement in real-time



Soldier Position Tracking and Health Monitoring System using Node MCU



Soldier Position Tracking and Health Monitoring System using Node MCU2
Soldier Position Tracking and Health Monitoring System using Node MCU



  • Node MCU ESP8266
  • ECG sensor
  • Blood pressure sensor
  • Pulse Sensor
  • Tem
  • GPS
  • temperature sensor ADC


  • Programming platform: Arduino IDE 
  • Programming language: Embedded C


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