Smart Traffic Systems using Lifi Technology for Automoblies using Node MCU

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Li-Fi is the advanced technology of the world. This project is concise in the vehicle of vehicle communication to avoid accidents. The ultrasonic sensor is used to find the distances of the front vehicle and measure the vibration level in the vehicle the gas sensor measures the alcohol level of the driver and this data is sent through the Li-Fi transmitter to the receiver vehicle. If any abnormal condition in a front vehicle means this vehicle will stop on the second. Li-fi is connected with the UART function to the microcontroller. Light Fidelity, also known as Li-Fi, is a technology-based communication using light as a medium. This technology is known as Visible Light Communication (VLC) which removes the complexity of cable communication. Li-Fi has evolved over the past years and has been proven to be secure, efficient, and can send data at very high. This paper also demonstrates a communication system in which data is sent from a transmitter to a receiver using light as a medium to control the speeds of two motors.


Li-Fi knows a light fidelity concept in the world. Li-fi is based on visual light communication. In that, we use an LED light-emitting diode to transmit the data to the receiver side from the receiver side we used the photovoltaic cell to receive the data’s from the transmitter. Li-Fi the rated speed can reach 14 Gbps. On-body can hack this Li-Fi technology. A predictive analysis or a prevention system for accidents is a necessity at this moment. That is practically being implemented in the paper with the randomized and extensive use of appropriate sensors and the latest technology data transfer protocol. The data transfer has to be done in the minimum amount of time since this is a real-time scenario. Cost-Effectiveness and the material constraint have been taken into account. Analysis of data due to the number of accident occurrences in India in the year 2019 will provide a better understanding of the concept of accident detection and prevention. It is clearly understood by the figures that Road Accidents contribute to about 35%of the accidents in India (as per NCRB, India). If there is any chance to reduce this percentage, then it would of great significance in avoiding accidental deaths. Further deep insight into the accidents in India provides a better understanding that Human mistakes are also a common cause of mishaps. Human mistakes contribute to around 78% of the total road accidents in India. Common Human Mistakes during driving are continuous driving with fatigue or drowsiness, drunken driving, and ignoring the traffic systems.


The Existing paper aims in using Wi-Fi technology and enabling the communication of vehicles with the traffic light system in order to prioritize the vehicles and change the signals accordingly rather than by a process of pre-defined order or by manual order. Traffic lights already use LED lighting, so this proposed system may seem easy to implement. Sending data through siren lights in an ambulance and fire extinguishers to a traffic light control system and switching the signal in order to allow faster and non-interrupted transport.


  • Monitor that the vehicle health only
  • There is no controlling
  • Wi-Fi has been used which provides a Long-range.


  • Illumination and communication.
  • The optical output is varied at extremely high speed.
  • The unutilized electromagnetic spectrum Can be used in more environments.
  • No health problems


  • Monitoring entire details of that vehicle each minute.
  • Li-fi can pass the message to a particular range only.
  • Easily Communicate with other Vehicles and control that vehicle also.
  • To avoid accidents.
  • The Li-Fi system is still in its experimental phase toward the future of self-automated cars.



Smart Traffic Systems Using Li Fi Technology for Automobiles


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  • The vehicular transmitter module 1 consists of an Arduino Uno controller, a Gas Sensor for sensing any gas leakage of Alcohol consumption by the driver, an Ultrasonic sensor for detection of any object intrusion on the road, PC & Camera Setup to detect the fatigue ness of the driver using eye blink control. It also has the Li-Fi Transmitter module to transfer data from one device to other.
  • The vehicular receiver module 2 will consist of the Arduino controller, that will be placed at the vehicle2. This receiver module will only have the LCD Module for displaying the content received from Vehicular Transmitter module 1 and the Li-Fi receiver. Li-Fi is used to transmit the data’s one end to another end through the light-emitting diode. In this project, we have two sections the transmitter and receiver side. On each side, we used three sensors the first ultrasonic sensor is found the distances of the front vehicle, and the vibration sensor is find the vehicle vibration least one gas sensor is used to find the alcohol level of the driver this value is displayed on the LCD at the same time data’s are sent by Li-Fi transmitter. The transmitted data are received by the photovoltaic cell in the second vehicle. If any abnormal value means the second vehicle will stop on the feminists.


  • Arduino Uno
  • LCD display
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Vibration sensor
  • Gas sensor
  • Li-Fi Transmitter / Receiver
  • Buzzer


  • Platform: Arduino IDE
  • Programming language: Embedded C


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