Smart library Management system using Raspberry Pi

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Smart Library Management

Smart library Management system using Raspberry Pi – This paper proposes System based a Library management system based on raspberry pi. In past days in the library, students want to take any book means he has a unique registration number and a book has a unique barcode number. By scanning the barcode, we can get information about the book. The same thing the unique registration number for the student is entered in the computer means we will get all the information about the students. The same thing is Proposed here also but here we are using RFID. The student has one RFID Tag that has all the information about the individual student and Book has one RFID tag that contains information about the book. Librarian has that Reader. If the student wants to take the book means he will swipe the tag with the reader and if the book is also swiped means that the book ID will be assigned to the student id. By using this method task of issuing a book is made very simple for the librarian.


A properly computerized library will help its users with quick and prompt services. Library automation refers to the mechanization of library housekeeping operations predominantly by computerization. In this system, Raspberry Pi and RFID communicate with serial communication. In this proposed system there will be an RFID tag will be with the book and? that? book? details in a database and when any student needs a book the student? will enter his Id by a librarian then the librarian will search? whether the book is available or not and? he will update the database and while when? Does the student take a book from? library the book is? placed in front of the system for issuing the book to students. The library management system is a project which aims in developing a computerized system to maintain all the daily work of the library. This project has many features which are generally not available in normal library management systems like everyone can take a book from the library and anybody can trace whether the particular book is available in the library.


In the existing system, Librarians use a barcode system to scan the code to get the book details and students have a unique number when the librarian type the registered number of students and he will put a book for the student. It is difficult to manage by the librarian.


In order to overcome the difficulties faced by a librarian, we need to Propose a system that contains RFID Tags and Readers. Tags placed on both library individual books and Student id cards. The student database is already in the Database. Once the student Scan the ID means his Complete details about the student are shown. simultaneously if he scans the tag of the book, that particular book is allotted to the respective person’s database. The whole system becomes autonomous by having a security door to prevent the user from entering without scanning their RFID tag which is already in databases. If a new one tries to enter it will ask permission from the librarian. So the work of the librarian gets reduced. Smart Library Management


Smart Library
Smart Library Management


Smart library Management system using Raspberry Pi
Smart library Management


RFID is interfaced with the Raspberry Pi. If the tag is scanned with the reader it identifies the individual personal details. Because each tag has 12-digit unique numbers which denote the person’s details and also tag denotes the book details. Everything is displayed on the raspberry pi display. Smart library Management


  • RFID Tag and Reader
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Display
  • Connecting Wires


  • Raspbian Jessie
  • Python
  • Database


Smart library Management?- The project that we are designing is about the Library management system for the colleges which is for issuing the books to students and details of the books are stored in the database it is very easy and reliable for the student and librarian for issuing and returning the books. It’s very useful for the colleges while inspection or if any student wants the information on particle book is available in the college.


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