Talking standee using Raspberry Pi

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The smart? Talking standee is used in many Marketing stalls, which is used to market the product when any person stands in front of the standee. This system is designed using Raspberry Pi to make the system speak about the product which is already given as the text file or else makes it project video about the product.


Nowadays, there are a lot of talking systems but their working may cause some defects. We rectified problems in the existing system and we proposed a new talking system in this paper. It is an automated system. It is used in many applications


In the existing system, there are a lot of disadvantages which only give voice none other than features. Using a mic a man can talk lively or a recorded voice will play


  • Hard to setup
  • The accuracy of output is less
  • Costly system
  • No displaying?


In this proposed system, all old disadvantages get broken by this new smart Talking standee

We interfaced the PIR sensor with raspberry pi for making this system automated


  • Easy to setup compared to old methods
  • Accuracy of output is increased
  • User-friendly system
  • Cost-effective system


smart Talking standee
smart Talking standee


Talking standee using Raspberry Pi 2


  • Raspberry pi connects the whole system and it acts as the heart of this system
  • PIR sensor is interfaced with raspberry pi for detecting human interface
  • The monitor is interfaced with raspberry pi for displaying the process
  • Speaker is interfaced with raspberry pi for delivering output voice to customers


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Power Adapter
  • HDMI to VGA converter (optional, when connecting to Monitor)
  • PIR sensor
  • Speaker
  • Monitor


  • Raspbian Stretch OS
  • Python IDE
  • SD Card Formatter
  • Etcher/Win32 disk imager


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