Smart ATM Security System using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV

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Smart ATM Security

Smart ATM Security System using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV – Normally in ATM, by simply knowing the PIN number of any individuals, cash can be with-drawled by unauthorized persons. So to have secure transactions under account holders’ knowledge, we used RF readers for authentication, we are having one database which contains the RF-ID of individual persons with their photographs. If one shows the RF tag to the RF reader, the camera gets triggered and captures the image of the cardholder and it starts checking with the database whether the ID and their face are matching or not. If their face is not matched with the original card account holder, the system sends them an Image with OTP as mail to the account holder as someone is trying to use your ATM. Only when entering the OTP system allows others to take cash from the ATM. If the account holder is trying to use their ATM system identifies that face is matching with its database so it will directly allow users to withdraw cash from an ATM


Automated teller machines (ATMs) are well-known devices typically used by individuals to carry out personal and business financial transactions or banking functions. By using RF components with SMTP protocol no one can able to with-drawl the cash without the knowledge of the account holder. Only after they enter the OTP in the system by the account holder’s knowledge, the system allows making any use of that certain ATM card. Smart ATM Security


In the existing system, whoever brings the ATM card and inserts it at the door of the ATM center, just checks whether it is a valid account and allows them inside the center. But has disadvantages that anyone can enter the ATM center by using any other card and may withdraw money if they know the pin number.


In this proposed system, not only the valid cardholder is allowed but also only by the knowledge of the account holder anyone can enter the ATM by using the account holder’s ATM card. If any unauthorized person is inserted ATM card, their picture with one OTP will be sent to the account holder’s mail, only after entering that OTP in this system it will allow the user withdraw the money. Smart ATM Security


USB camera is connected to the Raspberry pi to capture the image, RF reader and keyboard is connected to the USB of raspberry pi, if some person shows RF tag to the reader, the camera gets triggered and captures the image of that person, to compare with the database. Smart ATM Security


  • Raspberry pi
  • SD card
  • Monitor?
  • RF Reader
  • RF ID
  • Keyboard


  • Raspbian Jessie OS
  • Python
  • Open CV
  • Apache
  • PHP


This system makes high security with intelligence to permit the ATM users only if they are making transactions under the knowledge of the account holder. It is also possible to install this system in every banking sector to make any account-related processes under the account holder’s knowledge.

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