Secured Health Monitoring System using AES and Raspberry Pi



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? The solar photovoltaic array fed BLDC motor driven water pump using luo converter has been proposed to drive the water pumping system.


Nowadays solar energy is the best renewable energy resources when compared to the conventional energy resources. The operation of the solar powered pumps is cheaper to run, lower maintenance cost and lower operation. This project deals with the operation of the Luo (DC-DC) converter in solar PV array fed water pumping system as an intermediate DC-DC converter between the solar PV array and soft starting of BLDC motor. Among the several types of DC-DC converters, a Luo converter is selected and it is used to extract the maximum power which is available from the SPV array and BLDC motor. The intermediate Luo converter with semiconductor switches has the features of reducing ripple current in its output and provide endless region for maximum power tracking (MPPT). The positive output Luo converter performs the changes from positive input source to positive output load source. To avoid the high frequency switching losses the electronically com mutated brush less DC with voltage source inverter can be operated at elementary frequency which results in higher efficiency. The various working conditions such as dynamic, starting and steady state performances has to be demonstrated and simulated by suitable simulated results using MATLAB/Simulation environment.


There are number of converter-controlled BLDC motor is available, like buck boost converter, zeta converter, sepic converter, cuk converter, al the converter topologies depends on particular application, with respect to all such converters luo having the best performance


The whole system consists of three blocks which are photovoltaic system with maximum power point tracking, luo converter, inverter fed bldc motor.

The efficiency of power transfer from the solar cell depends on both the amount of sunlight falling on the solar panels and also the electrical characteristics of the load. As the amount of sunlight varies, the load characteristic that gives the highest power transfer efficiency changes, that the efficiency of the system is optimized when the load characteristic changes to keep the power transfer at its highest efficiency. This load characteristic is called the maximum power point (MPP) and MPPT.

Luo converters are a series of DC-DC converters that can perform positive to positive DC-DC voltage. This conversion is accompanied with high power density, high efficiency and cheap topology in a simple structure. Luo converter gives high output voltage with small number of ripples. Mathematical and simulation study of PV fed Cuk, Sepic, Zeta and Luo DC-DC boost converters has been carried out and is observed that the Luo DC-DC converter is best in terms of transient response in the among all DC-DC boost converters.

The output of this converter is fed to the inverter of the BLDC motor. The recent trend has been to use brush less D.C (BLDC) motors to make the operation more reliable, more efficient, and less noisy. Compared to brushed motors with the same power output, they are also lighter. BLDC motors are being used in most of the modern devices.




  • Fast dynamic response
  • Reliability
  • Renewable






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