Reversible Data Hiding For Compressed Images

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Reversible Data Hiding For Compressed Images

The project presents privacy protection of medical images with information using histogram shifting based reversible data hiding. An Embedding module involves image encoding and histogram shifting based difference expansion.

First of all, the patients’ privacies need to be preserved. Therefore, embedding secret data into the medical images would be one of the useful methods for protecting the privacies.

Next, because external data are hidden into the original image, some alterations are supposed to be induced. After data embedding, the output image should be as similar as its original counterpart, and medical doctors may lead to proper treatment by using the images with hidden data when necessary.

Reversible data hiding is a newly developed branch in data hiding or watermarking researches. Reversibility means that data, including patients’ private information and the diagnosis data, can be hidden into the medical image by some means developed by ourselves.

Later on, the medical image containing data might be retrieved by medical doctors while necessary, and both the original image and the hidden data can be perfectly recovered with the algorithm corresponding to the embedding scheme.?

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