Raspberry Pi based Autonomous Boat for Fisherman


Raspberry Pi based Autonomous Boat for Fisherman

  The main idea of this project is to Safeguard the fisherman from Border Crossing, if crossing the border means many times they get shouted down by the other state people. So, we built one system that Safeguards the Fisherman. That system consists of GPS and GSM. GPS is used to track the location of the boat and GSM will notify the location via messages. In the border area, we split into two one is the warning border and the National border. If the boat reaches the Warning border means the fisherman gets some alert Even he traveled and reaches the national border means his boat is automatically off. SMS Sent to the Indian Coast guard. This system is very much helpful for fishermen. After that Coast guard come and save the fisherman’s life. This system is very much helpful for Tamil Nadu fishermen.

Raspberry Pi based Autonomous Boat for Fisherman


                   Sri Lanka and India’s seaside nations are isolated by their sea borders. In Tamil Nadu, about 20,000 vessels make spinning in the Bay of Bengal. The main aim is to give a well-equitable user-friendly environment for Indian Fishermen to handle hazardous situations with the help of engine control. This paper comes with a consistent solution for this problem and protects the Indian fisherman from dangerous situations and crossing the maritime boundary and saves their life and improves the safety of fishermen. The system is designed using GPS and GSM. A GPS route device is a device that precisely discovers natural areas by getting data from GPS satellites. This device can track the GPS data every single time at whatever point the fishermen cross the Indian border. It is a significant depression issue and encourages trouble in both people and also their economic expenditures. Raspberry Pi based Autonomous Boat for Fisherman


               In the Existing system, we have a PIC16F877A Microcontroller interfaced with GPS GSM if the location of the border is crossed means he will get the alert by using Buzzer, and the fisherman is only notified through SMS. Raspberry Pi based Autonomous Boat for Fisherman


  • The accuracy of output is less
  • This system can’t able to work properly in low network range areas
  • Only SMS and Buzzer alerts are given
  • Not a user-friendly system

Raspberry Pi based Autonomous Boat for Fisherman


               In order to overcome the difficulties of Existing systems, we need to design one system with Raspberry pi which is interfaced with GPS, GSM, Buzzer, and relay. Considering a fisherman Traveling on Boat he does not know where the border is, So previously set one latitude and longitude (Warning Border) in which the fisherman crosses that line he will get buzzer alert even if he traveled means boat gets automatically Stopped and SMS sent to coast guard people. This system saves the life of fishermen. Raspberry Pi based Autonomous Boat for Fisherman


  • Accuracy of output is increased
  • User-friendly system
  • It is a cost-effective system
  • We can stop the boat when it crosses the border




Raspberry Pi based Autonomous Boat for Fisherman


Raspberry Pi based Autonomous Boat for Fisherman 1


                       This System consists of Raspberry pi interfaced GPS and GSM it gives input location. The GPS device will frequently give the signal which determines the latitude and longitude and indicates the position of the boat. While comparing the previous position and current position the result will be the latitude and longitudinal degree of the boat’s location is determined If the boat is nearer to the restricted zone, automatically warning message and the buzzer also give an alert. Then the fishermen fail to ignore the warning and they move to reach the restricted zone. The engine automatically gets off by means of a relay and sends the message to the coastal guard Raspberry Pi based Autonomous Boat for Fisherman


  • Raspberry Pi
  • GPS
  • GSM
  • Buzzer
  • Relay


  • Programming platform: Python IDE
  • Operating system: Raspbian Jessie
  • Programming language: Python


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