Pick and Place Robot using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV


Now a days Robotics plays a major role in lot of Automation Fields. Robotic Actions become more efficient in upcoming years. Starting from gesture, line follower and Path follower several Path estimation algorithms are developed for robotic movement. Line follower user IR sensor to travel along the line.? The main aim of the Paper to Propose a system that has one robot which is used for pick and place Application used in industries. This system has Radio Frequency Modules for Communicating the Robot with Control system. RF Transmitter is interfaced with Raspberry pi and RF Receiver is Connected to the Arduino UNO, Robotic setup also interfaced with Arduino. Four Button is Present in the Transmitter Side if any one button is Pressed means it will send some information based on information it will act.


The robotic arm is a kind of mechanical arm that can be made to function like a human arm. In this work an anthropomorphic robotic arm is designed and implemented and is controlled from a remote location using a rf module. This can find large scale application where direct human presence is a risk such as working in a radioactive environment or during bomb disposal. Several works were done in the past to mimic human hand movement, but some of the designs were complex and also costly. In this work a very simple design is used and readily available low-cost materials are used to make the robotic arm. The arm is made using aluminum sheets. The finger movements are controlled by pulling them using cables that acts as tendons of the human hand using servo motors. Considered Robotic ARM has one Base rotation contains 180-degree Servomotor and remaining all are DC motor with proper Delay.


In Existing system consists of Radio frequency based robotic arm is based on Arduino UNO Microcontroller one servo and 3 DC motors are connected Depending upon the Signal it will work. In this system information?s are transmitted in form Wired Connection to the Robotic Arm and Micro controller.


In order to overcome the difficulties in existing System we need to improve the whole system by transmitting the information in form of wireless by using RF Modules. Raspberry pi is interfaced with the RF Transmitter and Receiver is Connected to the Arduino Robotic setup also connected to Arduino itself. Transmitting Side four buttons used for Control System. If one button is Pressed means some signal is sent to receiver depending upon the signal it will act.



Pick and Place Robot using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV


In this System we are using Two controllers one is Raspberry pi is interfaced with RF Transmitter and Arduino is connected to both RF receiver and Robotic Arm. On Transmitter side 4 switch is Available if the switch is Pressed means it will send signal to Receiver connected to the Arduino. Based on the signal it will act.


If we run the code means first we have to Press the Switch RF Transmitter will send the signal to RF Receiver connected to the Arduino. Motors along with driver circuits connected with Arduino Considered I am Pressing the Gripper button means I will pick the Object. All the information?s are shared in form of wireless


  • Raspberry pi
  • RF Transmitter and Receiver
  • Arduino
  • Motor Driver
  • DC Motor


  • Raspbian jessie
  • Python
  • Arduino IDE


The paper presents robotic arm with seven degrees of freedom. The robotic arm was made of low-cost materials that were readily available. The model of the robotic arm was constructed and the functionality was tested. The use of RF module limits the remote access of the robotic arm to a few meters. Future work will involve using a ZigBee module so that the robotic arm could be controlled from a more distant location. The robotic arm can be controlled over the internet by using Ethernet connectivity and a camera for visual feedback.


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