Performance Evaluation Of Non-Uniform Modulation Of Ofdm Subcarrier In The Underwater Acoustic Environment


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Partial FFT demodulation is a newly-emerging technique to mitigate the inter-carrier interference (ICI) of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems over time varying underwater acoustic channels. In this letter, we extend the partial FFT demodulation method for a single-input single output (SISO) configuration to the multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) case. By assuming no channel knowledge, we design an adaptive algorithm which performs sliding-window channel estimation, partial FFT combining and data detection across subcarriers iteratively. Furthermore, a new parameter ?residual ICI span? is introduced to counteract the post-combining ICI and provide a better system performance. Here we are using relay selection over OFDM for underwater acoustic system.

Existing Method:

  • Base station to end user transmission


  • Due to spectrum scarcity the user couldn?t be allocated with sufficient power over the network to enhance data transmission on time secured in nature

Proposed Method:

  • OFDM has been enabled for the communication in multi path direct LOS communication over the chlorophyll concentrated regions

Under water Relaying Channel:


  • Single-input single output (SISO)
  • PAM,4,16,64 M-Array QPSK,DPSK
  • Estimated depth sea interference


  • Deployed for higher performance than tradition perfect feedback-based systems.

Software Requirement:

  • MATLAB 10 or above versions


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