Online Examination System using Raspberry Pi


?Online Examination using Raspberry Pi


Online Examination using Raspberry Pi – Nowadays? online? exam? has? been? used? by? most institutions,? organizations,? schools? and? colleges? for? conducting exams.? ? The? most? commonly? used ? online? examination? system is conducted? by? giving? user? id? and? password? for? candidates? and then? logging? into? the? current? web? page? and? answering? the questions.? It has lot of bugs and anyone can misuse the password and anyone? can? malpractice? in the exam.? Thus? a? need? of secure system? is? required.? In? this? project? we? use? an? enhanced? model raspberry? pi? 3.? Also? we? use? webcam? for? capturing? the? image which? captures? the image when? it? detects any motion? by ? using the Passive Infrared? Sensor? (PIR)and the captured image is sent to? the? raspberry pi? for face? detection? with the? help of? openCV.? Then, the face? detected? is? compared? with? the? database,? to check whether face? detected? is? applied? candidate? or? not ,? if? it matches then webpage on which the questions are available is opened and the? candidate? can continue? with? the? exam. ? Thus,? it provides? a secured online examination system


??Nowadays,? the? online? examination? has? become? a growing trend? in? ? education? assessment.? ? ? It? has? been? adopted? by various? institutions,? colleges? and? schools? to? be? effectively conduct? exam.? An? online? examination? without? any authentication? is? like? unto? a? programmer? without? any knowledge? about? the? coding.? ? There? are? various? techniques used? for? authentication.? ? Even? though? there? are? different constraints? of? online? platform? and? surrounding? environment, but? they? cannot? be? entirely? relied? upon.? ? The? traditional username-password? is? one? such? mean? as? this.? ? But? the traditional? system? ? has? many? loopholes? as? the? ? student? can share? his? or? her?s? passwords? with? other? and? can? do malpractices.? Hence? to prevent? such? things we? go? for? a? more sophisticated? method? of? authentication? by? using? face detection ? In? our? project we? have? done both? face? detection? and face recognition? using? raspberry? pi? 3? model? which? is? a minicomputer of a credit card size? and also by using webcam.? For the real time image processing we have used Open Source computer? vision? (Open? CV) which? is? a widely? available? and advantageous? image? processing? software? tool.? ? In? the Advanced? Online? Examination? using? Raspberry? Pi? we? have used a? PIR? sensor? ? to? detect? the? motion? of a? person? turns on the webcam and we have also used a? system? which can detect as? well? as? recognize? a? person.? If? the? person? has? been recognized? the? webpage? of? the? exam? is? opened? and? he? can attend the exam and the questions are displayed from the database.






The? Secure? Online? exams? using? students? devices? ? makes use? of? the Learning? Management? System? (LMS)? such as? the Moodle to perform? exams.? ? The? examination? is? performed on student?s? laptops.? However the? student authentication is not done by using this system. ? The secure online exams on thin client uses? the? Moodle? to manage the? quiz? activity. ? Ubuntu? OS is fast,? free? and incredibly? easy? to use.? ? The? LTSP? adds? thin client? support? to? Linux? servers.



In? this? system? we are? providing? an? integrated? system? which provides? both? face? detection? as? well as? face? detection? of? the person who appears for the examination. The proposed system uses? provides? the? security? for? writing? the? examination.? The system? uses? the PIR? sensor? to? detect the? motion? of? a person and makes? the? ? webcam to? be? switched? ON.? ? The? webcam is connected? to? the cam? port of? the? Raspberry? Pi? 3 model.? The Raspberry? Pi? 3? is? an? advanced? model? compared? to? other Raspberry? Pi? models? with? 1.2? GHz? quad? core and? wih 1GB RAM. The image is captured and with the use of haar cascade classifier? the? face? is? detected? and? is? compared? with? the database? to? recognize? it.? If? the? face? is? recognized? then? the webpage? of? the? exam? is? opened? and? the? questions? are displayed.


  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Camera
  3. PIR sensor


This advanced online examination system can thus be created to? provide? both? face? detection? and? face? recognition.? It? is? a compact? system? and? also a? cost? effective? system? which? uses the Haar cascade classifier? for face detection with an accuracy of 92.5%.? The connection? of? the? system to? the? laptop? can? be done? by? wireless? connection? whereas in? Raspberry Pi? 2? does? this by an Ethernet connection.?


The? system? can? also? be? used? for? various? other? applications such? as? for? security? in? houses,? banks,etc.? The? system? can provide a? more? efficient, compact and? a? less? cost system? that can provide both face detection and recognition.

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