Multi Rectangular Slotted Hexa Band Micro Strip Patch Antenna

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Multi Rectangular Slotted Hexa Band Micro Strip Patch Antenna

One of the main and most effective measures to contain the recent viral outbreak is the maintenance of the so-called Social Distancing (SD). To comply with this constraint, governments are adopting restrictions on the minimum inter-personal distance between people. Given this actual scenario, it is crucial to massively measure compliance to such physical constraints in our life, in order to? figure out the reasons for the possible breaks of such distance limitations, and understand if this implies a potential threat. To this end, we introduce the Social Distancing (VSD) problem, de? ned as the automatic estimation of the inter-personal distance from an image, and the characterization of related people aggregations. to provide statistics about the level of safety of space?c areas whenever this constraint is violated. We first point out that measuring VSD is not only a geometrical problem, but it also implies a deeper understanding of the social behavior in the scene. Theaimistotrulydetectpotentiallydangeroussituations while avoiding false alarms (e.g., a family with children or relatives, an elder with their caregivers), all of this by complying with current privacy policies. We then discuss how VSD relates to previous literature in Social Signal Processing and indicate a path to research new Computer Vision methods Multi Rectangular Slotted Hexa Band Micro Strip Patch Antenna


Humans are social species as demonstrated by the fact that in everyday life people continuously interact with each other to achieve goals, or simply to exchange states of mind. One of the peculiar aspects of our social behavior involves the geometrical disposition of the people during an interplay and in particular regard the interpersonal distance, which is also heavily dependent on cultural differences. However, the recent pandemic emergency has affected exactly these aspects, as the extraordinary capability of COVID-19 coronavirus of transferring between humans has imposed a sharp and sudden change to the way we approach each other, as well as rigid constraints on our inter-personal distance. Multi Rectangular Slotted Hexa Band Micro Strip Patch Antenna

Existing Algorithm:

Principal compound Analysis


Proposed System:

Object Detection

Neural Network Classification


Automatically it will calculate the Social distance

Real-time application


The complexity of the detection of distance

Less Accurate Results

Software Requirement:

Python idle 3.6 above

Library Packages

Windows OS

Hardware requirement

The system above 4 GB ram

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