Monopole Antenna for Indoor MIMO

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Monopole Antenna for Indoor MIMO

To measure the calorie of food, which are varied depending on its ingredients and volume in each cooking time, it is required to calculate the calories of food before consumption. Based on nutrition knowledge, ingredients that are components of food naturally have different calories. This paper proposes a method of ingredient-based food calorie estimation using nutrition knowledge and information. In this method, an image of the food is first recognized as a type of food, and ingredients of the recognized food are retrieved from the database with their nutrition knowledge and pattern of brightness and thermal images. Simultaneously, the image is segmented into boundaries of ingredient candidates, and all boundaries are then classified into ingredients using neural networks. Monopole Antenna for Indoor MIMO


  • SVM Classifier
  • Random tree classifier
  • K-means clustering


  • Inaccurate results
  • Need a large number of training datasets
  • Performance is less


  • Pre-processing
  • DWT
  • GLCM Feature extraction
  • Neural networks


  1. No need for manual interaction
  2. Accurate results

Software Requirements:-

  • python and above 3.0
  • Deep learning toolbox


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