Medication Reminder using Raspberry Pi

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Medication Reminder Application

Medication Reminder using Raspberry Pi – Medication mix-ups are extremely dangerous, to avoid this Linux Based Speaking Medication Reminder can help to prevent these life-threatening mistakes. It first allows users to enter reminder inputs. The system takes input through the keyboard to accept various reminders with date and time and dosage. It then reminds patients to take the right medication at the right time. The system allows users to store their medication dates and times using raspberry pi. Also, users are allowed to enter the dosage of each reminder. At the set time the system gets the details and converts text to speech. The system now speaks out the medication reminder at fed time intervals. This allows for a fully automated medication reminder system for patients. Here single board system i.e. raspberry pi 3 is used in which the database is made for the reminder time and the dose of pills with time and date. Also, text to speech using an E-SPEAK module in the Linux system make the work easier.


Sometimes patients forget to take the medicine at the required time of medicines. And sometimes the patient also forgets which medicine He/She has to take at the required time. And it is difficult for doctors/Compounder to monitor patients around the clock. To avoid this problem, we have made this medicine reminder system for patients using automation speech which will give the speech reminder for the patient around the clock.


Medication Reminder Application -In the existing system, the doctor or caretaker reminds the patient to take the medicines in time. Or the patient will go with a normal alarm for the reminder. But doctors may not their round the clock.


Medication Reminder Application -In this proposed system, Both reminders and the meditation dose is being stored in the database with the help of a server which will automate the alarm with a speech about what medicine has to take and with how much quantity of it.


medication reminder
medication reminder


Digital Tacometer 2
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Medication Reminder using Raspberry Pi
Medication Reminder Application


  • In this project Meditation time, a dose is being saved in the database.
  • Connect power supply for Raspberry pi
  • Plug the HDMI cable in Raspberry pi from the monitor using VGA to HDMI converter cable
  • Connect USB Mouse and USB keyboard to the Raspberry pi
  • Output alarm will be given as a speech to the patient.


  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • SD card
  • Monitor


  • Raspbian Jessie
  • MySQL database
  • HTML and PHP
  • Language Linux
  • Python


According to this system, patients will have an easy way to remind their meditation time with the dose of the meditation. This project provides an easy way to enter the meditation time and dose accordingly and give the alarm as a speech where it will tell which medicine has to take and the dose of that meditation.


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