Matlab Code for Audio Steganography

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Matlab Code for Audio Steganography

An enhancement of data protection system for secret communication using reserve room in encrypted images based on texture analysis with lifting wavelet is proposed here. The wavelet will decompose the image into four frequency sub bands namely LL, LH, HL and HH. These coefficients are then utilized in the encoder for removing the redundancies.

The Selective embedding is utilized in this method to determine host signal samples suitable for data hiding. This approach uses the Least Significant Bits (LSB) insertion to hide data within encrypted image data.

The binary representation of the hidden data is used to overwrite the LSB of each byte within the encrypted image randomly .

The hidden data will be used to enable the receiver to reconstruct the same secret transformation table after extracting it and hence the original image can be reproduced by the inverse of the transformation and encryption processes.

We proposed the encrypting user?s data using RC7 Algorithm with a Secret Key, Which is embedded in a Image using LSB based image steganography techniques. The simulation results indicate that the framework can be successfully utilized in Image data hiding applications.

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