Malnutrition Detection using Deep Learning

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Malnutrition Detection using Deep Learning

One approach for effective aid is to identify children under the age of five who are suffering from malnutrition more closely than before, in order to target them with appropriate food.?

Often, the lack of a varied diet is the reason for malnutrition.?Help at this age is particularly important, as the physical development during this time also determines how well the children can learn later,It has been proven that malnutrition affects children?s education and their future.We have developed an? Deep learning based AI system to find out malnutrition in early stages .

It?s difficult to tell by conventional means whether a child suffers from malnutrition. Manually measuring weight and other measurements is an error-prone process.

Specialized calibrated devices are also very sensitive and are not suitable for transport to remote areas due to their weight.This system can be improved by using depth cameras to get more and more accuracy measurements. Malnutrition Detection using Deep Learning

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