Lora-Based Visual Monitoring For Horticultural using Raspberry pi


The agriculture industry’s Lora-based environmental sensing system enables farmers to remotely monitor the status of a large farm in near real-time. However, there had been only a few explorations to transfer multimedia data such as images or video using Lora because of its low data rate and restricted bandwidth. To this end, we introduce a novel system to transmit continuous images taken from a camera in a static environment through Lora. The key challenge is to reduce the amount of transmitted data while preserving the image quality and the quality of service delivered to the application. We develop a technique that splits image to grid patches, and transmits only the modi?ed area of an image based on their dissimilarity measure. We implement and evaluate our scheme on a real Lora device to show its performance and image quality.


This paper presents a visual monitoring scheme via Lora. To overcome limited bandwidth, the images and videos are divided into small grid patches and the changed patches are the only ones transmitted. Hence, the end user can monitor visual image and video continuously. Through experiments and simulations, the optimal dissimilarity measurement method to achieve exclusive quality of monitoring is discussed. It gives an overview of Lora technology, describes its core speci?cation and introduces former works about transmitting multimedia data using Lora network. It proposes our design scheme with a grid system, the prototype architecture and protocol implemented on the top of the Lora physical layer. The evaluation of system performance is discussed and analyzed in the farm in a wide agriculture area. Providing visual monitoring to farmers can prevent crops from getting damaged by intruders and ensure the ?eld conditions. However, it is challenging to deploy a real-time visual monitoring system to observe the whole farm in a wide agriculture area because connecting the farm to the wired network.


  • Bluetooth
  • ZigBee
  • Wi-Fi


  • It has a disadvantage of short transmission range in existing systems that is not appropriate for the vast agricultural area. Besides, there are numerous wireless network technologies that can be used in smart agriculture.
  • Accuracy of output is less
  • Low range communication
  • Need internet for communication


  • Lora


  • We used Lora in this system. It is a main advantage. The main benefits of Lora are low range, low power and low cost connectivity. Another key feature of Lora and Lora Wan is security for both devices and network.
  • Accuracy of output is increased
  • Cost effective system
  • Long range system


Lora Based Visual Monitoring For Horticultural using Raspberry pi



Lora Based Visual Monitoring For Horticultural using Raspberry pi 1



Lora Based Visual Monitoring For Horticultural using Raspberry pi


  • In this system camera and Raspberry pi is used
  • Camera is connected to Raspberry pi
  • Lora is connected through serial interface
  • In data node Serial communication is used because we need to connect this node to cloud
  • Receiver Lora is connected to this serial communication and monitor by the system


  • Raspberry pi
  • Lora module
  • Camera


  • Programming platform: Python IDE
  • Raspberry pi OS: Raspbian stretch
  • Programming language: Python


  • Safety purpose
  • Agriculture monitoring


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