Lora – based sewage monitoring

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Lora-based sewage monitoring


  • Due to the high population and increment of wastage per individual, there are frequent sewage flooding and pollution incidents which result in large social consequences for communities and individuals alike. Thus a system is required to monitor on a 24*7 basis to rectify the situation.
  • To develop a smart city, a wireless-based network is useful to collect data and control water pollution, and manage the water distribution system properly.
  • Enhances sanitation of the city as well as avoids unnecessary congestion on roads. Lora-based sewage monitoring

Lora – based sewage monitoring


  • One of the major problems in urban areas is sewer failure which occurs due to an overflow of the sewer. There is a need for an efficient system design for monitoring a gully pot that is capable of providing required information about sewage block, prior to the occurrence. 
  • A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is used to observe and detect the sewage block and the detected information will be transmitted to the authority through a Lora. Lora-based sewage monitoring

Existing system:

  • In most developing and underdeveloped countries, manual scavenging or visual inspection is carried out. 
  • Many water companies have deployed telemetry systems to replace some of the manual operations.
  • Multiple sensors are placed and used to measure and collect data in numerous locations.
  • This data is then used by various software and application programs that allow the data to be turned into useful and accessible information.

Drawbacks of the existing system:

  • Manual scavenging is a dehumanizing act.
  • Visual inspection proves to be inefficient and costly.
  • Telemetry systems’ running costs remain expensive as these systems require extensive cabling for PSTN (public switch telephone network) and power cannot be deployed over a large catchment area because of the cost.

Proposed system:

  • A practical implementation of low-cost wireless, WSN using LORA communication and acoustic sensor technologies to monitor the water level of the Gullies in residential urban areas.
  • The monitoring system helps avoid congestion on roads due to sewage blocks and improves public health as well as increases sanitation of a society.


loRa based sewage monitoring1
Lora-based sewage monitoring


loRa based sewage monitoring flow chart
Lora based sewage monitoring flow chart

Hardware required :

  • Arduino
  • Lora TX
  • Lora RX
  • LCD
  • Gas sensor

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