LoRa based Monitoring System for Agriculture with Predictive Using Raspberry Pi


Irrigation is a very important factor when it comes to industrial farming. Here we introduce a system to monitor the whole field. This method is more effective than a normal field monitoring system. Water is an expensive commodity when it comes to most of the places in the world. This paper proposes and implements a prototype automatic irrigation system with LoRa. In this case sensors are used to determine whether it is time to water the field or not by measuring different parameters. Both sensors are connected to raspberry pi. These sensors can be placed at the plant side to read moisture, humidity and temperature. DHT11 can measure temperature and humidity of the field. Further this data can be transferred to a remote monitoring system using LoRa. In this system there will be a sprinkler that will be activated if moisture content is low, this sprinkler will be always off if the humidity is high, which means it is raining. Only the person who knows account information can login to the account to see the output. Data can be also uploaded to a cloud such as thingspeak for remote analysis.


??????????? Considering the global temperature hikes in the past decade water has become a very precious commodity for the life line of farming. Every other process in farming has been automated according to the need of the process. Irrigation systems in most of the farms across the world still follow the same conventional periodic watering methods. This leads to inefficient use of water resources. This system proposed here rectifies this problem through analysis of the field based on different parameters such as temperature, humidity and soil moisture content. After analysis water is irrigated in a systematic way to avoid excess usage when not needed. In this system remote analysis is also possible through IoT.???????


  • Pumps that will sprinkle water in a periodic manner
  • No analysis is done to identify the most needed parts
  • Manual or automated systems working periodically
  • Manual irrigation technique


  • No analysis
  • More expensive
  • In existing system for irrigation process it needs manpower
  • Consumption of water high
  • Accuracy of output is less


  • Monitoring plant parameters using sensors
  • Raspberry pi is used in the sensor node
  • It can be programming by using python program
  • Collected data is uploaded to cloud for further analysis and future purpose
  • Uses single sensor node for a region of field and number of irrigation node for the same region all are connected to central sensor node through LoRa
  • Here thingspeak cloud is used, since it is free it makes the project less expensive
  • A remote camera is used for monitoring and analysing plant leafs
  • Through leaf analysis it is possible to detect plant diseases


  • Moisture and weather analysis based irrigation
  • Saves water
  • Low cost implementation
  • LoRa long range communication is used
  • Image processing technology is implemented




LoRa based Monitoring System for Agriculture with Predictive Using Raspberry Pi


LoRa based Monitoring System for Agriculture with Predictive Using Raspberry Pi 1


LoRa based Monitoring System for Agriculture with Predictive Using Raspberry Pi RECIEVER

LoRa based Monitoring System for Agriculture with Predictive Using Raspberry Pi TRANSMITTER


  • There are two sensors in this system
  • One for measuring moisture another for temperature and humidity
  • All the sensors are connected to raspberry pi
  • Both sensors are connected to digital pins through GPIO interface
  • Here we use lora module as a transmitter and a receiver, It is interfaced with raspberry pi in sensor node and nodemcu in master node
  • PC camera is used in prediction process
  • LCD is interfaced with nodemcu for displaying process
  • Water pump is used to supply water for crops , It is interfaced with raspberry pi


  • Raspberry pi
  • Nodemcu ESP8266
  • LoRa module
  • Moisture sensor
  • DHT11 sensor
  • Water pump
  • LCD 16×2


  • Programming platform: Arduino IDE, python3 IDLE
  • Raspberry pi OS: Raspbian stretch
  • Programing language: Embedded C, python3


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