Smart Energy Meter using IoT and Raspberry Pi

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Due to the rapid increase in the human population and the dependence of human beings on electricity, the demand for electricity has increased, causing a deficit of electricity at peak times. We can see an individual standing in front of our home by the electric board at the end of each month, his work is to write the energy meter reading and convey the bills to the proprietor of the house. As per the reading recorded, we need to pay the bills. The principal downside of this machine is that a person should move via area and need to examine the meter of every residence and supply the invoices is the main drawback. Often mistakes like the quantity of greater payments or the notification from the electric panel even if the bills are paid are commonplace mistakes, and we can also reveal and examine the use of energy with the aid of the consumer so that the electricity dealer can plan energy with the aid of accumulating records electricity.


The current residential energy meter perusing frameworks have numerous issues, for example, trouble in development, poor continuous, quick two-way correspondence, and so on.  To tackle the above issues, we utilize wireless technology for the Automatic Meter Reading framework. The world’s third-biggest electricity producer in India with 4.8% of the worldwide offer. Of the complete power produced by sustainable was made out 28.43% and Nonrenewable made out 71.57% [2].

Be that as it may, because of the lacking measure of Indian fossils, there are tremendous misfortunes. More than 300 million individuals don’t approach power. As vitality is created as produced vitality, one of the measures proposed to spare power is to give a technique to clients to deal with their electrical vitality utilization. The principle point is to make familiarity with vitality utilization and the compelling utilization of home apparatuses for vitality reserve funds. Aside from India,  every other nation has set up an expected smart energy meter.


                                 The proposed system should be able to give users a clear overview of their electricity consumption. This helps them to determine the cost of their daily power consumption, which leads them to reduce their power consumption. Since the system is an Android application, the user can monitor usage on the go. Android devices are the order of the day; The majority of the population uses Android devices. Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, high-efficiency computer that acts as an interface between the database and the measurement module. The core module of the overall system is that we connect a voltage and current sensor to the Raspberry Pi module using the analog-to-digital converter.

Since IoT is financially savvy contrasted with SMS, practical checking of vitality meters is conceivable. Every day utilization reports are made that can be observed by means of the Android application or potentially online interface. Clients can likewise pay their power charges through Google Pay.


Smart Energy Meter using IoT and Raspberry Pi
Smart Energy Meter using IoT and Raspberry Pi


  • Smart meter
  • Circuit supply
  • Relay
  • Current sensor
  • Analog to Digital converter
  • Raspberry pi


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