IoT based Water Quality Management System using Node MCU


IoT-based Water Quality Management System


  • The objective of this system is to provide a technology-oriented, low-cost, IoT based water quality management system for people on rural and urban sides
  • The main objective of this system is to help people to check whether their drinking water is good to drink or not.


This Project Proposes a system, that system performs water quality monitoring and Regulated water supply operation. We have some more sensors like pH, conductivity sensor, Flow sensor, Temperature Sensor and LDR module. By using this sensor value, we calculate continually and take the data, analyze after any problem in the sensor value we will calculate the water purity and send the alert message to the authorized person by using the IoT Technologies. We have the purity sensor and pH sensor. By using this we get the sensor values, at last, we get the alert message.


Clean drinking water is the most valuable resource for humans. Any imbalance in the water quality would seriously affect the health condition of humans. Nowadays drinking water utilities are facing various challenges in real-time due to limited water resources, global warming, growing population, and pollution. Hence there is a need for better methodologies for real-time water quality monitoring.?

As the recent survey of WHO estimated that in India 77 million people face problems due to unsafe drinking water and 21% of the diseases are related to impure water. WHO also estimated that 1600 people die every day in India due to diarrhea. The conventional method of water quality monitoring involves the manual collection of the water at different areas and this water is tested in the laboratory.


In the existing system, we monitor the water quality by connecting the PH sensor, conductivity sensor, and turbidity sensor which is collected in a nod

emu and uploaded over the Cloud for analysis.


  • In this system, only pH values and turbidity are being measured.
  • The obtained values are only being monitored in the existing system
  • This system needs an internet facility all time to update details to the cloud
  • The accuracy of output is less


In the proposed system same setup, we have from the Existing system but we have to add a Flow sensor and Solenoid valve. The purpose of using the flow sensor is to find out How much water is consumed by each house. And solenoidal valve is to Automatic Closing of the pipe. This whole system will act as water quality and Water regulated supply system.?


  • This system is able to monitor and control water through IOT simultaneously.
  • The flow speed of water through the pipe also can be measured.
  • Accuracy of output is increased
  • It is a cost-effective system



Node Water Quality
Node Water Quality


  • In this block diagram, we added the sensors to measure the water’s quality or not
  • Nodemcu? Single board acts as the heart of the system to perform the desired operation.
  • DHT11 is used to detect temperature and humidity?
  • Ph sensor is used to find the drinkable water or not. That means the water level is 6 to 8.
  • The solenoid valve is using a water tap that opens and closed. If the ph sensor value is 6 to 8 means the valve is open otherwise it was closed only in this project.
  • The flow sensor is counting the liter of water pumped. We have a limit of water pumping if count will increasing means solenoid valve was closed
  • The conductivity sensor is used to find the conductivity level in the water.
  • The turbidity sensor finds the water flowing or not.
  • This sensor data is sent to the Thingspeak cloud after analyzing the data. If any abnormal value means IFTTT will send the Email to the authorized person.

IOT Based Water Quality Management System Using NodemcuIOT Based Water Quality Management System Using Nodemcu


  • NodeMCU ESP8266
  • DHT11
  • PH sensor
  • Solenoid valve
  • Conductivity sensor
  • Flow sensor
  • Turbidity sensor


  • Programming platform: Arduino IDE
  • Programming language: Embedded C


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