IOT based smart circuit breaker using arduino

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IOT based smart circuit breaker using arduino


To design and implement a system to monitor and control electrical appliances for energy saving

IOT based smart circuit breaker using arduino


Life today is getting easier and simpler with the advancement of automation technology. Manual systems are getting replaced by automatic systems. With the rapid increase in Internet users, it has become part of life. One of its kinds is IoT, the latest and emerging technology. Thinks like consumer goods, industrial goods, etc., can be networked to share information and complete the task remotely. Basic home functions and features can be controlled using IoT from anywhere in the world. It is meant to save human and electrical energy.? In this system, each load is monitored by the current and potential transformer.

IOT based smart circuit breaker using arduino


The most critical problem faces by today’s world is irregular power. People in many countries don’t get the primary needs of lights, fans, etc. Researchers expect the capabilities of existing energy production will fail to meet future demand without new energy sources. We can make use of available power efficiently. A system can be created to achieve efficient use of power that monitors the environment and controls the power device and turns ON only when needed. The electrical parameters like voltage, current, and frequency from the smart grid can be acquired remotely and sent these real-time values using IoT.?


  • EB electric meter-based


  • This system cannot detect any fault
  • This could cause unnecessary billing
  • Cannot detect over-usage immediately

IOT based smart circuit breaker using arduino


Power consumption monitoring system that can measure the power usage of each of the loads individually. This system is designed around a nodemcu microcontroller board. If the overall consumption goes beyond a specified level user will be notified about this and a fine will be added if still consumption is not reduced. This system can be used for detecting faulty electrical devices in a household that is consuming an unusual amount of power.


  • Can detect any faulty loads
  • Fully automated system
  • Can monitor each load individually
  • Can reduce the EB bill






  • Nodemcu is the controller board used here
  • Every other component is connected to nodemcu
  • It reads the sensor values through an external ADC IC
  • All the loads are connected to it using relays
  • Relays are connected to GPIO pins in nodemcu
  • Nodemcu is has a wifi SoC called ESP8266
  • It is used for connecting nodemcu to a WiFi network

Hardware tools:

  • Nodemcu
  • Current sensor
  • Voltage sensor
  • Loads

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