IOT based Electrical Device Surveillance and Control System

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IOT based Electrical Device Surveillance and Control System


                       In this project saving energy is one of the biggest concerns nowadays in order to deal with lacking fossil fuels and climate change. One possible approach is using the Home Energy Management System (HEMS) to monitor and manage the electrical usage of the residential user. One useful feature of HEMS is the capability of detecting and identifying electrical appliances in order to assign these appliances to join many saving energy programs such as Time-Of-Use or Demand Response.

 In this paper, we propose an appliance classification approach based on machine learning. Classifier algorithm owing to its simplicity, ease of implementation, and effectiveness. We also implement a HEMS prototype that includes many smart plug-in devices and an MQTT server. Machine learning enables the user to consume energy more efficiently with the prediction of consumption for the month. This can be done by analyzing the usage for the first week of the month. Also using MQTT user is able to see the daily and monthly usage and if the usage exceeds the monthly limit user is alerted.

Existing system

  • Conventional home electrical system
  • Load switching without machine learning 
  • Less accurate load analysis

Disadvantage system

  • Monitors all the loads combined 
  • Not possible to find out any power leakage
  • Not possible to find a faulty load

IOT based Electrical Device Surveillance and Control System

Proposed system

  • Machine Learning algorithm 
  • Wireless communication based on Protocol
  • Less energy consuming 
  • Highly efficient power management
  • Customer daily and monthly notification 
  • Alert message for monthly and daily limits exceeding
  •  Nodemcu based hardware implementation 
  • Continuous current, voltage, power, and energy unit monitoring  
  • Users can also control the appliances remotely through IoT using MQTT

IOT based Electrical Device Surveillance and Control System

Block diagram:

IOT based Electrical Device Surveillance and Control System 1
IoT based Electrical Device Surveillance and Control System


  • Microcontroller
  • Current transformer
  • Potential transformer
  • Relay
  • Load 


  • Arduino IDE
  • anaconda IDE


  • Industrial appliance
  • Home appliance

IOT based Electrical Device Surveillance and Control System


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