IOT based Child Tracking System using Node MCU

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IOT based Child Tracking System using Node MCU


Recently, everywhere around the globe, crime against kids is increasing at higher rates and it’s time to supply a safety support system for the kids attending faculties. This paper focuses on implementing kids trailing system for each kid attending faculty. but the prevailing systems aren’t powerful enough to forestall the crime against kids since these systems provide info concerning the children the youngster the kids cluster and not concerning every kid leading to low assurance concerning their child safety to parents and additionally doesn’t consider sensing the cry of the kid and intimating constant to its oldsters. The projected system includes a kid toddler a baby module and 1 receiver module for obtaining the data concerning the lost child on a periodical basis. The child module includes the nodemcu controller international positioning system. GPS is used to find the location of the kids the location was transmitted to the localhost server method. The microcontroller is connected to a parent mobile Wi-Fi device. In this project, we created an IP address. When the parent search the IP address location of the kid is displayed on the webpage. If that webpage is not showing the location means the kid was away, from a parent’s location. In this project, we added one more future the kid has on the panic button if the kid was pressing the panic button means continually the buzzer circuit will blow until releasing the panic button.

IOT based Child Tracking System using Node MCU

Existing system

  • Manual monitoring
  • Daycare centers
  • Home security system


  • Needs humans
  • Costly
  • Not possible to track outdoor

Proposed system:

  • WSN based child tracking
  • GPS-based locating
  • Zigbee wireless communication


  • Easy to track
  • Very cost-effective
  • Uses ZigBee network
  • Can be monitored easily

IOT based Child Tracking System using Node MCU

Block Diagram

child Tracking11

Hardware requirements

  • Nodemcu ESP8266
  • GPS Module
  • Panic Button
  • Buzzer
  • Arduino Uno
  • LCD
  • Zigbee

Software Requirements

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C
  • Local Host

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