Industry Safety Management System using Raspberry Pi

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Industry Safety Management System

Industry Safety Management System using Raspberry Pi – Developing this trend, a new intelligent smart security system of industry based on various wireless sensor/actuators, Raspberry pi microcontroller with IoT network. This innovation namely IoT Based Industrial Security Control and Monitoring System Use Raspberry pi detect any Gas leakage, Fire explosion, or short circuit and sense temperature, humidity by the various smart sensor. So it can measure any environmental deviation and monitored the updated condition of the industries and inform the proprietor by SMS through the internet. After knowing the current condition, it can take proper action which protects the industries from accidents and saves many lives. A traditional security system gives the signal by alarms. Here Internet of Things is used to communicate with the device for sending and receiving required information and data through the internet. So it can be controlled and monitored from anywhere & anytime through a computer, mobile, or any smart device. The more advantages of this device are it is a portable device and it can be driving both mobile & computer by internet.


Now a day, the industrial monitoring field requires more manual power to monitor and control the industrial parameters such as temperature, humidity, gas, etc. which are the most upcoming issues in the industrial sectors. if the parameters are not monitored and controlled properly, it leads to a harmful situation. Most industries are facing those kinds of situations because of some manual mistakes. To overcome manual mistakes, we are using industrial automation with the internet of things. WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS (WSN) has been employed to collect data about physical phenomena in various applications such as habitat monitoring, ocean monitoring, and surveillance

Existing system

  • In the Existing System, Implementation of ZigBee or Lora-based Industrial monitoring and remote control system.
  • Chances are there for Fire Accidents to occur if the resident is intimated late due to certain reasons.
  • If the resident is not present in the house at that particular time then there is no use in giving an alert.


  • Less secured
  • No proper Industry monitoring and maintenance
  • In industrial monitoring and the controlling range is always limited and it depends on signal strength
  • It is difficult to work with the workers if any accidents occur.

    Proposed system

    The IoT industry protection system using Raspberry pi is a system designed to protect industries from losses due to accidents using the Internet of things. Gas leakages may lead to fires leading to huge industrial losses. The system can collect sensor data intelligently. So now interface temperature sensor, gas Sensor, Current and voltage sensor with the controller and controlling all sensors for process requirement.


    • Easy to monitor & control
    • High efficient
    • Optical output is varied at extremely high speed.
    • Unutilized electromagnetic spectrum
    • Can be used in more environments



    Industry Safety Management System uisng Raspberry PiBLOCK DIAGRAM DESCRIPTION

    In this proposed system, All sensors as the input to the raspberry pi. All sensors are connected to the GPIO pins on the raspberry pi. The raspberry pi fetches the current values from the MQ6 gas sensor, flame sensor, and temperature sensor using a python program. Current is sensed by the current transducer and voltage is sensed by the voltage sensor is directly checked across the load. If the Gas or Temperature values exceed the critical value appropriate measures are taken by the raspberry pi such as switching on the exhaust fans, signaling alarms, and alert notifications via an IoT. The user can even monitor the values through the android application or PC. The system consists of Flame, gas, and temperature sensors displayed on the LCD screen.


    industry 1


    • Raspberry pi
    • Temperature?Sensor
    • Flame sensor
    • Gas Sensor
    • Current Sensor
    • Voltage sensor
    • MCP3008 (ADC)
    • Relay
    • Bulb
    • Exhaust Fan
    • LCD
    • Buzzer


    • Program: Python
    • Platform: Python 3 IDLE
    • Raspberry pi os: Raspian os
    • MQTT?Protocol


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