Industrial monitoring and control using Node MCU


Industrial monitoring and control using Node MCU


The project is described as is the next generation of the industrial has enhanced factory management, worker safety, working optimization, and so on. The is not a significant matter. Fully a vision-based industry. One of the main tasks has security and privacy for datasets are captured and stored it has been described by the communication protocol for identifying the common I/O design patterns for applications and industrial control systems for control and monitoring industries.?

The industrial internet of things has been based on multi-parameter monitoring using that measures and controls various global parameters. The system comprises a single master and multiple slaves communicate within the controller. The parameters that can be tracked are smoke, fire, and gas level.? Here controller act as a master node and the slave node is the PC. With the aim of cost reduction.


The IIOT as d the IT global infrastructures has connected to the 25 billion unique devices by the year of 2020, the basic fundamental has the internet as used by human users programmed by the desired users. The IoT is already having the trans motive effect on human beings .it has interactive not only environment but also interactive with home, vehicles, civil services, hospitals, schools, colleges, etc.? The has nowadays considered one of the pillars of industry, as security and safety of the world economy.


In the existing system, the Process is Monitored by ARM controllers. To monitor through ARM controller we need some extra software and PC. The existing system of it has a vast collection of interconnected sensors, physical devices, and services it has to share the data and information over the internet of objects to communicate to the related system the quality of IoT has reduced cost, increased access to resources, and enhanced the automation.


In our Raspberry pi based multi-parameter monitoring using mcp3008 that measures and controls various global parameters. This proposed system, which was implemented by the data will be passed around the IoT, and devices will be most efficient and user-friendly. An analysis of the data in this paper identifies a set of common sign patterns found in the applications. For the facility and security understanding the design patterns. The design patterns focus on the template code recurring problem development. The design pattern problems for ICS process and business optimization.


  • Easy to monitor & control
  • High efficient

Industrial monitoring and control using Node MCU


Industrial Monitoring


  • In this project, the hardware part uses Arduino, load, buzzer, temperature sensor, gas sensor, motor.?
  • In this project, if gas is detected means go to off mode and otherwise control the lab view software.
  • The gas sensor has mentioned the three levels (Normal, Abnormal, and Manual).
  • The buzzer alerts the gas level and the LCD is used to display the gas level.


  • Arduino
  • Gas sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Light sensor
  • GSM?
  • Load?
  • Buzzer
  • LCD

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